Rescue Journal

mystic the 3 1/2 old puppy is here...

Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2011

gosh she is sparkling white...yikes! she looks like she should be on a breed puppy calendar...she'd make a great month of december dog!

sweet little girl..too cute for words. i wish we could get a picture of her this minute before she starts goofing around on the farm cuz she ain't going to be sparkling white for very long!

anyway..she was sad to see her folks go out the door and is curious but not overly upset..she has been in the vet clinic for the past week so she is probably enjoying the new and exciting things around here....sigh...sadly for me... saints life is far from boring.

i bet the bed buddies have an absolute fit when i bring the baby to bed tonight. oh well...she is dying and they are not (ok...maybe a few of them are...) in any case......they better be good to her or someone(s) will be sleeping in the dog room with jesse and andy tonight......hilda?....griffin?.....maybe? might be a hag-free bed buddy night.



cant wait to meet her. she sounds like she will be the life of the party.


Mystic is adorable and yes very far. It was entertaining watching her go from dog to dog to cat trying to find anyone game to play....hey is this an old folks home or what....she eventually enticed Carol into playing stuffie tug a war. We will all have fun showering her with love!


mystic is going to have a wonderful puppyhood with you Carol. What more could she ask for? You know, you're my hero, who else is so brave?