Rescue Journal

i am thinking of changing my mind on a couple of is a rescuers perogative.

Carol  ·  Jan. 26, 2011 much as i think frodo would like living with my family again, i have decided he would not be a very good match...we will pick someone else....apparently the new neighbors have 4 cats who frequent our backyard. frodo is going to take great offence at even the sight of another cat on his side of the fence (and maybe on their side of the fence too) and is going to stalk them, bite them hard and probably chase them out into the road to be hit by passing cars. not a great scenario for any of them...frodo is really far too violently opposed to other free roaming cats to live in a peaceful neighborhood...he does think the entire world belongs solely to him.

i let a new cat in...saints welcomes granny from the SPCA. she is a 17 yr old cat literally abandoned by her owner,(she did take the younger cat when she moved) and the landlord brought her in. she has some kind of skin issue going on...widespread ringworm? flea allergies? thyroid disease??? anyway...she is quite scabby and missing a great deal of hair. she has been peeing in her beds at the shelter so i bet her kidneys are toasted too. anyway...sweet cat, unadoptable for various issues plus she had a pretty shitty owner...i think she deserved a decent break so i changed my mind and let her in.

mystic had her first field run....there were 2 fur casualties in this. first there was shining white and wooly mystic who bombed around in the mud and thru the pond and apparently did a face first head plant in the mud too.....AND our very own blonde and fuzzy idiot stick bibi who was beyond himself in happiness with a puppy to chase around. so he also bombed thru the mud and the mess and he too also fell down. but he is 15 and crippled so he got stuck in the mud. renee had to wade in and save him plus i made her give him a bath....way to go bibi...don't be chasing that puppy around.
i might be re-thinking mystics high fish content diet...her stools are getting pretty loose. i will talk to the vet about it tomorrow because i do think it is the best diet for a young puppy with serious kidney disease. but can you imagine a white fuzzy puppy with diarrhea? i am shuddering at the thought of this!

one of my changing my mind things happened a few weeks ago. i took mini me into the vets today as a drop off for her surgery tomorrow. she was booked in but they couldn't find her file...i said i was sure she had her bloodwork. vet check and gotten the all clear before i booked. but they did not have a i called our other vet and they did not have a file on her either. geez...was i losing my mind???? so we started to go thru the computer of all of tha animals names at that clinic belonging to saints....there are literally HUNDREDS of them from the past 6 years. anyway...we finally found her listed under the T's...for tiny. of course!!! that is what the pound called her and she went straight into the vets for her assessment and that was what i said her name was too.

oops...i simply forgot that i changed her name from tiny to our little sainted mini-me.

i have a hard enough time remembering anything...i probably should not be changing my mind and having to remember things under different names twice.



Carol, this is Amanda's sister-in-law again.

I'm not always good for much, but one thing I know how to do is put together a book. It's what I do. If you want a document/manual put together, I'm the one. E-mail me if you want to talk about this.


A teaspoon of pumpkin (not sweetened, like for pies but just straight canned pumpkin) works for diarrhea, it often works after just one dose and dogs tend to really love it :) We use it when my boyfriend's mom's dog gets runny from stress, or when we had to switch diets trying to find a diet that didn't give my dog (who turns out to have a wheat allergy) diarrhea. Maybe try that for little Mystic?