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mystics first night......

Carol  ·  Jan. 26, 2011

i have to admit that it is pretty sweet to wake up in the morning to puppy kisses...she slept on my pillows..note the (pleural)....she is too big for just one. she is bigger then most of the dogs but everyone seems to know despite her size, she is still a puppy...even jerry gave her a grumbling break and didn`t flip out when she insisted on sleeping on his side of the bed. hilda was only a bit of a you are not going up and down the bed stairs 27 times.

So I am a good boy right?

daphne is looking worried....ìs that puppy cuter than meÉ (shit...damn É thing is back again!)
no she is not cuter..but sorry some respects here, i do need to be her new mommy....babies need mothers, adult dogs need very good friends.

I knew I am still the cutest in the land!

i think for any young being....wait is the hardest word to learn....mystic will be a very great dog as soon as she learns that she can not go thru every single door with me, every single time. sometimes she has to stay where she is and wait for me to come back....she thinks this sucks.

i have to tell you tho...just being able to call a dog who is not looking directly at me and having her immediately hear me and come is a real treat. i am so used to living with hearing deficit dogs, i don`t even think about how much i place myself in their line of vision and contort myself into all kinds of configurations to get them to hear and understand me.

i called her in this morning when i couldn`t see where she was and poof she was right beside me as soon as she heard her that was easy...altho i still had to go outside and stand in my slippers in the rain for shane and noelle to see me and come when i called.


not all of the dogs are deaf here....but most of them are. and the ones who aren`t (like dahne) ignore me if they are too busy to come when i call. mystic still has that innocent puppy eagerness to be a very good dog!

did you call? I am here ... you were saying?

on the old dog front....mandy is really slowing down lately. she is sleeping way more than she used to and she is not following me was bound to happen at some point..i believe 2011 is now her 18th year of living. that is a very long time for a dog with a very bad heart.

I wake up for cookies

speaking of ages...oops..i had gideons wrong. our vets knew him before we did as they saw him in one of his previous homes. so yesterday i was in there picking up some stuff that we needed and nancy pulled his old file cuz we were discussing how old he actually is.
i said he would be 36 this year and apparently i am wrong...gideons birth year is listed on his file as 1976 so that would make him 35 in 2011....oh well...he is a very old (and WONDERFUL) horse.`

the white knight

tucker is starting to get bored and is amusing himself by emptying the linen shelves. i told ryan to stuff the shelves that he can reach with stuff he can have. if he wants to empty the shelves and it gives him something to do...far be it for me to interfer. i just so wish i could bring him over to the house with me because i know he is lonely in the evenings for human company...but he just wouldn`t do well with all that goes on over here. but i know he would SOOOOO love to be someones special bed buddy!

i really like that dog.

dusty told me to do it! Photobucket

a quick update on the baby chicks...they are all doing another week or two they should be big enough to come out of their cage. really i have to tell you...those babes were WAY too small to be outside alone in a chicken coop...if they had been safely confined in a cage in the house they wouldn`t have been in that fire!

Photobucket off today, and i i am slugging around...i better get dressed and start the day or the day will start without me and then i wll be screwed.



Thanks for putting a face to the names for all of us across the other side of the planet Jenn:)


I can't wait to see her too. She just arrived the other day so the weekend warriors, including myself have not met her yet. I will snap a pic of her on sunday when I am uip to post.


How is there no photo of Mystic in this post?? Can't wait to see her!:)


I took Sugar (I've been calling her Sug (Shug) for short... dunno if you like that any better Carol hehe) to get her nails trimmed cause she's having a hard time with our flooring and slipping around... with the rug I put down and the nail trim she is much better but her back end is still not that strong... I know it might improve with time, but I've been looking into possibly getting her a doggy wheelchair... one that will fully support her back end and take a bit of weight off her front... then she could probably come for short walks and get around easier... what are your thoughts on it? Bad idea, good idea? I can even order one in pink! Yes!