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chester update

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2011


> I thought it was time for a Chester update as he has been with
> us for about
> 3 weeks and has already claimed a big spot in out hearts, and home.
> He was a shy little guy when he first came home (to be expected
> with 2 large
> dogs and another cat in a strange new home) but soon came out of
> his shell.
> It didn’t take him long to figure out that he was welcome all
> over the house
> and fun exciting things were everywhere to be found. He is a
> nosy little
> bugger who has investigated every inch of this house. We have
> found him
> sleeping in the front loading washer, in our linen closet, under
> the bed and
> in my walk in closet tucked in a top shelf, to name a few.
> I decided to take in another cat in hopes he would bond with my
> other cat
> Oscar and they are now best friends, playing with and cleaning
> each other on
> a daily basis. He is such a snuggly, loving sweet cat that will
> lay with me
> for hours if time would allow. He likes to be wherever I am, but
> isn’t pushy
> or demanding for my attention. He will sit and wait patiently
> for me to pay
> attention to him, and as soon as I do he takes full advantage of
> it!! He is
> a big kneader and love biter, and sometimes those bites hurt
> when he gets
> too carried away, my mom has named them “love bites gone
> wild”. He has
> taken over my bed at night and even sleeps with his head on my
> pillow; I
> think he believes he’s part human.
> So I am happy to report that Chester is doing great, and we love
> him dearly!
> Thank you SAINTS for another wonderful addition to our family J

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Ann C

That's a lovely Chester tale, I had a soft spot for him so I am really happy he has such a great home. Thanks for the heads up Lynne, good luck with all your sorting and yes I am not expecting to get much work done tomorrow, puppy's need lots of attention, right?


Thanks so much for the update on Chester I LOVE the feel great happy endings & Chester sure look like he feels great & found his happy ending.. Way to Go Chester

Carol Ann

good for chester---and yes Mystic is adorable but like a white tornado lol.


sorry for blogging so late but anne i have to go to my moms tomorrow so will not be able to make it to saints. you are going to love love love the new puppy but what a handlful i see what carol means. see you next week.