Rescue Journal that the panic is are our newest saints (thank you kathy and nicole!)

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2011

the lovely (and not so) white and puffy palliative puppy (who had an absolute BLAST out at the barn today)...mystic!


here is popeye..


popeye and gideon saying hello!


popeye's looks worse when you see them in real life....poor boy.





Oh my goodness; that puppy is SUPER CUTE!!

As for Popeye, for those of us who don't know much about horse care, Carol, can you explain why a horse's hooves get like that? Is it because in the wild they would be travelling many miles in a day and therefore their hooves would be worn down naturally but, as domestic horses, they don't move much and so need farrier care? Very curious about this.



Poor Popeye :-) Sad seeing his feet like that but also happy that he is at Saints and has a new friend like Gideon. Lucky Popeye!


poor popeye. I think that he must know he is somewhere safe now. Even if the vets and farriers decide there is nothing to be done, which would be very sad. Giddeon is a such a good boy. I am sure Popeye is in pain still but perhaps feeling better inside. such a sad, sad thing. those pictures are hard to look at but I am sure it is going to be even harder to see it in person. my hearts breaks for him.


A big welcome to Mystic and Popeye. Thank you Carol for finding room for them both. I hope Mystic finds utter puppy joy in everything she does for the time she has with you. For Popeye I hope somehow you can help to erase the pain and bring back the sparkle to his eyes.

Nicole N

Guilty as charged. LOL

She had just figured out how to climb through the gate onto the field... and Ziggy had his eye on her. But yes, any excuse to cuddle that adorable fluff ball no matter how dirty she was!! SO CUTE!

Nicole N

She had so much fun today in the barn. You would never be able to tell she is palliative. So much energy... needing to say hi to every volunteer and each and every animal out there. Percy was curious about her too.


what i thought was funny was seeing the giant dirty puppy getting carried around out there by the work isn't hard the volunteers have to lug a big puppy around too!


ann puppys do need a lot of attention but the only time i was able to see mustic was first thing in the morning. she really is a barn dog. never saw her after that gate opened up. so she most likely will do the same thing tomorrow. give her hugs and kisses right away or you will not have a chance. lol