Rescue Journal

an update on pops...

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2011

the vets are here...xraying, cutting, xraying, cutting. xraying and cutting some more. he has severe laminitis and a deep fungal infection of all feet. ryan and eryk cleaned out the new goat area and hauled over wheelbarrows full of fresh, dry hog fuel....this will be pop's new home for awhile...a very soft surface for his very sore and newly trimmed feet. the great thing about this, with the windows open, he can visit with the other horses in the barn at night and finally after many long years, actually have some company.

two things made me incredibly sad today...i was talking to mo early and i said i did not like that other stall for him because it is so small..if he lays down, he might not have enough room to get up again. mo said...carol...that horse has not been able to lay down for probably 7 years of more. oh...he couldn't even lay down to take some pressure off of those painful feet, how horrible.

the second thing that made me sad was when i was talking to the vet...he said..he remembered seeing this horse many years ago..different owners but the same property. i asked..well at least were they good to him? did someone at least care for him many years ago?...the vet just looked at me and simply said no.

some lives i guess are just an emptiness of nothingness for their whole life sad.

i asked the vet if the spca knew that pops was coming here?...he said they did and were happy for him so that is good.

all of us are happy that pops is here and getting the care that he needs....however...pops probably thinks being rescued totally sucks. i hope we can change his mind on this.

he is not out of the woods yet....the vet said there is great danger with the massive trimming and the severe laminitis involved that pops could lose one or more of his hooves in the next month or so...if he does...he will have to be put down.

but...hope floats.



If he's getting pain meds, a beautiful dry bed, yummy food, new horsey friends, and lots of care and attention, then Pops' end days are going to be sweet... thanks again Carol and everyone at SAINTS for the fantastic work you do.


Carol it sounds like you've got his pain mangaged really well and you have the most awesome of Vets working with you. I think Pops must feel better than he has in years. His feet are sore, which is nothing new to him, but his heart is happy and that is something new for him. What a sweet old man <3


heartbreaking. i hope i hope i hope. popeye is to horses what rosebud was to dogs, shining examples of beautiful hearts in a body that was never shown kindness. rose lived long enough to know safety and comfort, happiness and love. i want popeye to feel them too.


the vet is giving him daily IV pain meds (he will really need this now that they have started working on his feet.)...he had some today and he will be back out to give him more tomorrow plus we will continue on with the recoverexx am/pm too....and the vet has given us his ell number so we can call in an instant if we feel pops needs more.

Nicole N

This poor horse. Heartbreaking. I am praying that all works out for him and pledge to give him as much love as he will allow.

Carol, is he on pain medication to help ease his suffering? I don't remember if you've mentioned this.


that is the saddest thing of all ... that he has live almost 30 years and may never have had an easy, carefree, happy moment ... and now that he is finally rescued near the end of this very long and hard life we must cause him even more pain and distress ... taken away from the pasture he has known his whole life ... scary. Feet trimmed now ... painful. Hoof falling off unbearable ... Oh GAWD. I hope I hope I hope that he will be happy with the company and that will make up for some of his physical discomfort.

Ann C

Sending positive vibes to Pops that he will have the pain free life he so deserves, he has touched a lot of hearts.