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it boggles my brain sometimes...

Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2011

at the low minded pettiness that a few people will invent to take a whack out at me. the newest one is because we actually dare to moniter our food donations and discard outdated, possibly contaminated and absolute poor quality foods.
apparently..i am supposed to load it all up and deliver food that i do not think is healthy or safe to feed to our guys, to the food bank or unload it on other rescues. because i am not doing this, i am actually letting dogs starve.
gee...are i not a mean, ungrateful and cold hearted hag?

and i really like hearing that apparently one of our current volunteers passed this info on? which imaginary volunteer would this be?..because not one of them have anything to do with sorting and monitering food...that is just the staff and me. i hate the let's cause distrust and dissension among the ranks is just purely small minded and mean.

anyway.....anyone with a hungry animal is welcome to come here and i will give them safe, healthy and good quality food. as to the is just more divide and conquer bullshit....good luck with it.

honestly..i just shake my head i would be caught dead going out of my way to publically nit pick about stupid crap shit on another human being. shame.

ok, venting to move on (which is a good and healthy thing to do....)

monty and eddie are both home from the vets...yay!
noelle goes in tomorrow to have her eye checked.
mystic is a magic eraser noon that baby was a total mess and now she is pretty clean again so i am happy about that.

i spent the day running errands and organizing the halters and lead ropes and grooming supplies. everyone has their own hook out in the barn for all of their personal stuff with their names labelled on it. and i re-did the feed book and added their meds and supplements to the feeding schedules. so mo and laura have a look next time you feed cuz things are different with some of the things. (the new feed book is turquoise blue by the way)

the water to the shop finally unfroze..which is good cuz that was a drag for ryan, he had to haul his water from the house....and i was dreading it still being frozen by the weekend when i might be hauling water too!

weeellll...i've got my own personal laundry to do....


Carol Ann

Nicole is right on--why would any of us give up our time and energy if we didn't believe in SAINTS. Carol Hine is one of the most compassionate caring people I have ever met.


i was actually thinking of my composters. You know me, scavenger from wayyyy back.


lol helga...i ain't composting food..our rats are fat enough as it can compost over in the dump and they can all go over there to eat it too!!

i think pops is pretty sore still mauro...i feel so badly for him. i just want this whole thing to fade away to a bad memory for him. i try to think of my post op patients and how they feel crappy after painful surgeries and proceedures too...but it is so much harder with much harder with pops because he has endured for so long and now i just want him to feel good!


Don't let the poop-disturbers get you down. Try to let it roll off your back like water off the big birds you care for.

Be firm in your high standards of care and the people can say what they want. The vast majority of people who read your blogs (like me!) think all of you care-givers are awesome. I wish I could do more to help you than sitting in the cheering section.

PS: that is the funny thing about white dogs. Somehow they come out clean at the end of the day.


Ditto to that Nicole! Often enough I've groused about compostable stuff ending up in the dumpster but as to feeding the animals I wouldn't feed my guys outdated food either.

Nicole N

I haven't met every volunteer yet, but those who I've met I could never imagine saying anything negative about SAINTS or it's founder. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all respect and admire what you continue to do on a daily basis for so many animals Carol. I think who ever it was that fed you that load is full of BS!!

Carol Ann

Geez just because these are rescue animals doesn't mean they or any other animal should have to eat old outdated food--it could cause more trouble than its worth. These animals have already suffered enough in their lives. They deserve the best, and from what I've seen that is what they get at SAINTS. :)

Jerod Killick

Such a lovely site! I appreciate your personal and honest approach to the Saints project. My hubby and I are the proud parents of our lovely Bianka. She is a wonderful pug friend and has been with us through all kinds of life changes. Thank you again for your site. I added you to my blogroll as well!


Linda de J.

Unrelated to this, I posted an article under the "100 dogs..." and not sure if people go back to re-read what was said. I think the article is worth reading and thought this might interest vous: