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meet The Cat Burglars

Jenn  ·  Feb. 3, 2011

Oliver, Misty, James Bond, Tiger Woods and Milton all have one thing in common, they were unwanted and now reside at SAINTS.

The SAINTS felines were upset with me because the dogs have so many videos on the SAINTS YouTube Channel and the cats have none. So I felt obliged to make them a video pronto ... They also demanded that I write-- "Cats rule and dogs drool!!!"

Please consider adopting or sponsoring a SAINTS cat, we have such lovely and funny cats here.

Enjoy the video :)

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What smart kitties! That's probably the biggest smile I've had on my face all day! Thanks for sharing!


yup I posted the video but it wont show up on your main page and I posted your website on the SAINTS page in case anyone has a senior cat that needs special care when they are away from home. Great work Emma. I hope your own saints are doing well.


Yes finally a cat video from SAINTS. Can you post it on my business FB page please Jenn?? Just look up "Feline Fancies" and the page should pop up. Anyone can post on it. Maybe I can do it but not sure how.......

Angela H.

Finally a cat video! Too cute! I've never seen cats drink with their paws like that. I think more cat videos are in order!!


This video is great, Jenn (but all of yours are). Dipping the paw in the drink is cute. My Moochie the First used to do that if I gave him the tail end of my glass of milk.


i think i know why misty was stealing the food....that day i gave oliver food from the tupperware container on the shelf that had his name on one else got that stuff. i guess she wanted some too, ooops.


Thank you for posting that!
It made me and my mom's day.
That is a typical thing Misty would do.
Glad she is doing okay.


watch this video: cats playing patty cat ... so funny!!


geez...poor oliver!....i won't trust empty food bowls in the new cat cages as meaning the new cat is eating anymore...good thing he is out of there now..he might have starved to death!
i really like misty..she is a great little cat!
and the two 20 yr olds..james bond and tiger woods haven't let old age interfer with their pursuit of happiness much either!

you just gotta love milton...he is such a serious cat...good for you catching him in the act of seriously being milton.
great video!