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Revealed: No Country for Animals

Jenn  ·  Feb. 3, 2011

I came across this video today on a friend's facebook ... I thought I would share it as it relates to our discussions this week about animal welfare in Canada ... This is a documentary from Global news back last summer. Its very well done and unfortunately very true. Here is it is: Revealed: No Country for Animals.

Also, Stephen Hume today in the Vancouver Sun brings up some great points as well in his OP-ED piece: In the time it takes to read this, nearly 20,000 farm animals will be slaughtered--greate quote: "I find it curious that we're justifiably disturbed by the unspeakable act at Whistler yet remain largely complacent about the cruel and completely unnecessary slaughter of other animals."

Lets keep the discussions going --- keep posting stuff and talking about it ... until something is done about it.



The article that Linda posted had was correct in identifying Canada's animal protection laws as horrendously inaccurate. It also had a glaring mistake though. There wasn't enough evidence to make Vick's animal cruelty charges tick and consequently, he was not convicted of any animal cruelty. The time he spent in jail was based on racketeering related charges, not the inhumane treatment of animals.

Until the law recognizes animals as sentient beings rather than possessions to whom you can do as you please as a owner, the ramifications aren't going to be enough. Unfortunately though but giving animals the rights associated with having feelings is a slippery and difficult legal slope to navigate

Linda de J.

Just in case no one saw this here it is again.


Paul McCartney said it best "if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian".