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noelle's secret to happiness

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2011

i went into town this morning to buy eddie some more milk...he really enjoys it and i want him to have as much as he would like today.

on the way home i was thinking of different noelle.
she is so not the dog i was expecting to get here. i was told she was about 18 yrs old...incontinent, snapping at the kids, and somewhat demented...wandering the streets eating garbage in the back alleyways and standing in the middle of traffic. after i agreed to take her, i got an email from the family pretty much confirming everything i had already been told by a neighbor.
and who is this dog that actually arrived here?

renee calls her the water buffalo. noelle is bright, alert, cognitively aware...she is happy and sweet and is only incontinent when on the long over night lock down when everyone is supposed to be asleep. she is incredibly patient with the other maniacs bopping around this place.

noelle LOVES the pond and the barn. noelle LOVES being brushed and cuddled. she never gets into the garbage, she never tries to get out of the every single possible way..noelle is a bright, cheerful and truly wonderful dog.

so what i don't get can this almost perfect and happy homeless dog, stuck in an overful and oft times chaotic animal the very same dog who was having such a difficult time in her long term home? only noelle has the answer to this...but my guess is for whatever reason...she just wasn't happy.

do you know what the difference is between humans and animals?

animals have the unique ability to actually forget and forgive. each new day is a brand new day...noelle does not drag yesterday along to live over and over again (and why would she?... apparently she wasn't having much fun then anyway)...noelle, great dog that she is..let go of yesterday so she could get busy living happily today.



Carol Ann

we can learn a lot from these animals if we only open our eyes and our hearts.


It's wonderful that SAINTS took her in and she could get her "happy" back.


Like that great quote from "The Shawshank Redemption":

"Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'."

Noelle is very busy livin'.


Love this post, Carol...

"incontinent, snapping at the kids, and somewhat dementedwandering the streets eating garbage in the back alleyways and standing in the middle of traffic..."

I've done that!!