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sunday at saints

Carol  ·  Feb. 6, 2011

colleen thinks prudence's pain may be a back thing...hey great minds apparently have crappy backs in common! i am to start her on metacam and see how she does.

the back outside cat run is clean....and it was indeed a completely and totally foul job. but now that it is done i feel a ton better...maybe not exactly happY but no longer totally grossed out. and now i have to make sure it actually gets scooped out regularly so it never gets like that again.

mo said popeye is just as happY when wilbur or herman are rooting around in czar's stall...pops is just happY for any kind of company...equine, human, pig...he is pretty much happY with anybody.

and speaking of horses and pigs....for the staff and volunteers...please MAKE SURE at gideon's lunch time that no one is in his feeding area BEFORE gideon comes in for lunch. apparently today wilbur was in there and trying to get some of gideon's food...this pissed off gideon who took a bite at him and knocked wilbur right off his feet.
always remember to anticipate a problem before it actually happens...the animals are ALL counting on us to keep them safe.

wilbur's and gideon"s job is to think about lunch...and our job is to think about keeping everyone safe first and then they can eat...but separately please.

we moved the baby chicks out into the chicken coop...ko and brent made sure that it was safe for them...i am a bit nervous that the big guys might decide to bug them so we are keeping a close eye out there. so far the babes have not ventured out of the coop...hopefully they will stay in there for a day or two until they all settle.

i need a hot bath before i do barn bedtime cuz i am wet and cold and won't last til late this afternoon.


Mauro Salles

A great (not really) and stupid question ==> Why are you using capital Y ????