Rescue Journal

spay and neuter is not optional in my rescue world.

Carol  ·  Feb. 9, 2011

the little groomies look GREAT!!!! thx so much sam and company and nicole!!!!!
apparently yoshi was the only dick-head (but we knew he would be....) he did get done anyway so that was great.
nicole took little big bud along for the ride and to feed him subway sandwiches while they waited for everyone to be done. the bond was finalized...little bud will be going home on a trial with nicole in the next couple of weeks. YAY bud! YAY nicole!!

i picked up oliver and griffin and they are both now home. olivers blood sugars were a little bit low...griffins were a little bit high... some minor insulin dosage changes for both.
griffin split my freaking ears wide open on the ride in...that screeching, constant, high pitched bark, confined in a echoing car is deadly. a 30 minute ride seemed like an eternity.
he wasn't much better in the get the pissed off and snarling beast out of his carrier required breaking it down, wrapping him in a blanket and shoving his face in a muzzle. he did get a little bit better as the day wore on and the drive home was only half as bad as it was this morning.

note to myself...i need those ear muffler things if i ever take griffin anywhere in the car again.

new saint...saint fang???
hmmm..ok, that has got to go.

he is an unneutered 11 yr old shitz cross, blind in one eye, with bad ears/teeth, a heart murmur and it looks like some funky rectal/testicular area growths. he was a surrender to the spca when his primary caregiver passed away.

anyway despite his name (and his current unneutered status) he seems to be a very nice dog.

just a reminder to anyone out there that has an unaltered dog....chances are he or she is going to need rehoming at some point (sorry if i piss someone off here...but in my experience unaltered dogs are not the best cared for dogs in the world and quite often end up looking for a new home...if folks can't even bother to alter them...they many times do not really give them great and permanent homes....yeah, yeah, yeah...someone reading this is the exception...fine, whatever you think.... but i don't agree.) is my reminder....

sorry about this but.. the second i see an unaltered dog come thru the gate..the first thing i think is...hmmm...he was not in a very good home.
go ahead and argue and tell me i am wrong...but in this day and age of pet overpopulation, and with the sexual frustration that this dog will have lived with his whole entire life long and with the risks of reproductive cancers in unfixed and aging simply are not going to convince me that i might be view is simple...appropriate and decent homes without question... spay and neuter their dogs.
and if there is a singular exception out is nothing compared to the numbers of senior animals we pay for to have their reproductive cancers removed.

i will just concede that i have a lot more experience is seeing and paying for this than the singular exception would.


Carol Ann

yay for our little big bud, hope it works out but i think angel will miss him. Griffin's antics are hilarious, and yes I firmly believe also all dogs and cats be "altered". How can anyone think it is ok not to?