Rescue Journal

perdy was euthanized this afternoon.

Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2011

it was a difficult decision because by 3 pm altho very unsteady and needing alot of help...she was able to get up on her feet long as we were supporting her back end.

but the vet felt she was painful even with the high dose of tramadol still on board and perdy was most definitely unhappy and distressed at not being able to get up and mobilize on her own.

the vet said that we could probably make her more comfortable for a couple of days maybe...however...the end result was going to be the same..perdy was not going to suddenly get better...her strength would just continue to slip further away.

my deepest condolences to all of us who loved her so well...yes she could be a royal pain in the ass with the other animals....but with us..she was always so cheerful and kind.

rest in peace dear perdy, you were truly and greatly well loved and may heaven await you full of mr. christie peanut butter pirate cookies which you really loved.




Perdy, way back in the day you were always one to watch out for when you came in for grooming, you found the other dogs bothersome. But you were the sweetest, nervous girl. You could tell by looking in your eyes you had the softest, most gentle soul. I'm glad that you found your way to Carol and all the wonderful people at SAINTS, no soul as kind as yours could ask for anything more. RIP sweet girl.

Ann C

Just getting back from my vacation, this is the saddest news, Perdy was such a sweetie and the best laundry room buddy ever! I will really miss you,love you lots......sweet dreams.


I will miss you very much, Perdy. Thank you for touching my life. I love you and my visit won't be the same without you. You are now pure energy. I am sure the other SAINTS will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you adn I will miss you.


i am sorry i can not stop crying some animals passing just are much harder. i had 3 dalmations in the past and it was very hard. i so loved perdy, her prescence in the laundry room her sweet face always looking out at you i will so miss that and yet will say that it is over for her she can go on and have a happy ending. love you perdy you will always stay in my heart i will not ever ever forget you. sweet dreams my princess.


oh crap sorry i said perdy was a boy not a girl she was a great girl sorrry.


my sweet perdy, i am so sorry my tears are falling and falling i so loved you i wish i could have said goodbye to you rest in peace sweet boy you should have had so much more in your life i am glad carol had you and you had a happy end ing. i will always remember you and give you a kiss from me. love you always bae a good boy sweet dreams

Carol Ann

OH i am in shock, I'm glad i was there sat and sunday last weekend cause i got to tell her how beautiful and soft she was and how much i loved her. (twice) She will be greatly missed. Rest in peace beautiful soft lady.

Colleen B

Shit. I'm so sorry. It didn't seem so long ago you were running in the school field. You were so well loved and you always had such a beautiful place in my heart. Next time I visit, I'm sure I'll miss your soft, but weird and lumpy ear, and your twinkle toes dancing as Brenda said. You were a true lady, always taking your cookies so carefully from our hands. I'm glad you went with grace and dignity.

Nicole N

Goodbye Pretty Perdy - I'm so glad you got to spend your last year of life surrounded by people who loved you dearly.


Aw, sweet Perdy; I will really miss her presence in the laundry area - and her dancing with her front feet for a cookie! Doing laundry will not be the same this Sunday.


Goodbye dear Perdy Queen of the laundry may not have been great with the dogs but with your Saints people family you were a charmer... who will be missed.


Warm thoughts to all at SAINTS on the loss of Perdy from Nudge and Gang x