Rescue Journal

what was happening at saints...the usual...sick me.

Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2011

good thing i am on afternoon shifts so i could sleep in a bit this morning.. cuz i did not sleep well sucks..i have another cold.

i couldn't sleep in too late, we had vet appointments in maple ridge and i needed everyone loaded up in the car by 8:15. the whole vet thing 2/3rds sucked...the good third was tina fey had her sutures out and has healed very well. the bad 2/3rds were...molly's new tumour is gross but she also now has lymph node involvement which is really bad news.
and noelle who went in today for that eye tumour removal has lost a whopping 7 pounds in the last week. that kind of weight loss totally freaks me out.
the vets did do the surgery and kept her on IV's all day...she has had her blood work repeated to see what changes have taken place in the past 7 days. anyway i am expecting the worst here...a 15 year old dog who loses 10% of her body weight in a week is probably in big trouble somewhere...if only we can find what it is.

ok...dinner break is over, better get back to work.


Carol Ann

MY little tina fey is a trouper. Praying for molly and noelle and maude --had too many losses lately--i know it is inevitable but i don't have to like it

Nicole N

I'm so glad to hear about Tina Fey!! And I really hope Molly and Noelle's situations turn out to be positive.
I'm sure there are a hundred faithful readers crossing their fingers and praying to god that everything turns out ok.

On a lighter note, I came across this video again after not seeing it for a long time... and again I bawled like a baby. It reinforces my belief that the animals we touch remember us and love us as much as we will never forget or stop loving them. Even if you've seen this before, I'm sure it will touch you as deeply as it did the first time: