Rescue Journal

1+1+1+1.....= our world

Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2011

jenn settled me into bed before she left this afternoon and laura came and put the barn guys to bed and i had a 3 hour undisturbed afternoon nap....amazing! thank you both!!!

i have done very little today, some meds, ...a quickie but decent job for the chickens...a tidy-up on the back yard and a few loads of laundry. i firmly believe if you are going to do anything at all...make sure even a little bit counts for something....feel good about what you have done.

when i woke up from my nap and looked out the window...i was pleased to see the tidy back yard. on days like today when i feel like crap... i am forced to remember that i too am just a simple volunteer. it is all of us together that make this place is all of us together who make a good day for the animals to enjoy and feel comfortable and is all of us together who add up and become this incredible place...saints.

today...together... all is well in our little world.