Rescue Journal

i think colds might affect one's brain.

Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2011

great big gobs of...
greasy, grimey gopher guts,
mutilated monkey meat,
pickled baby birdie feet...
all wrapped up in all purpose
porpoise pus
swimming in a pool pink lemonade
and i forgot my spoon...
but i got a straw.

sigh...i must be feeling better...or at least more cheerful..i have that song in my head from when i was a kid. it was my favorite gross-out song.

kids are just weird.

amazing what a good nap will do for you. i went into town and hit shoppers for a few groceries. it is my favorite place to grocery shop ..they don't have line ups, esp. in the evening. i did the diabetics up and settled the mp building as soon as i got home so except for my personal laundry and the odd clean up here and there.....i am pretty much done.

tucker i think...used to be a bad dog. i let him out for a pee and off he goes, right for the fence, trying to eat his way thru and get himself some goat. and what made me finally move the baby chickens out was his relentless pursuit to get at them whenever he had the chance. he also likes to chase cars...walkers beware that if a car goes by..hang tight onto the leash cuz tucker is raring to go and chase one down.

it is a very good thing that dog doesn't have any eyes or we might have had trouble with him! as it is all wishful thinking on his part..his ears, nose and enthusuasim won't get him as far as he would like to think they will.
you just gotta love a blind eyeless dog who doesn't need eyes to see exactly what he wants to do next.

tucker has goals and his disability hasn't changed them all that much except now his goals have a pretty good chance at keeping out of his reach.

i have to say my favorite dog right now is pixie.

she is spunky and she is funny...she has a fair amount of attitude in that little body and she really doesn't ever bug am her most favorite person in all of the world!

i also have to say that mystic and jelly are driving me nutz over the toys. they both want the toy that the other one has and they are forever trying to rip each other off. why is a toy in someone's mouth better than the exact same one on the floor?

yayyayayayay!!!!! lucky is diarrhea, no vomitting today!!!

i tried to take off noelle's cone for a bit but she immediately started rubbing her eye.
one of molly's tumours is bleeding...that old one on her back leg that we shrunk down...apparently it has a ton of blood vessels in there and it started squirting today. thankfully it has stopped now.

well...i better go and amuse myself with singing my gross-out song while i fold up some of my laundry...i think the animals like it when i cheerfully sing animal related songs.



Just checking in to say hi. Give the medical guys a big hug from me and extra treats.
Don't forget to keep checking Cali's bed. Thanks.


hi sweetie!!!!
your mom probably taught it to me!
love and hugs right back to you!!!


Auntie Carol,

I sing that EXACT same song to my other (not better) half every time I feel sick. He looks at me like I'm insane every time. Any idea where it's from? Besides my Mom, of course :)

Love and hugs from a blog stalker!