Rescue Journal

i thought i would post how i prioritize admissions to saints

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2011

1. senior/special needs animals deemed unadoptable in pounds and public shelters and are facing euthanization.
2. owner surrenders of animals that are currently suffering and are being neglected.
3. injured or ill animals currently in vet clinics facing euthanization whose families have abandoned them and cannot or will not provide them with medical care.
4. companion animals of senior citizens who can no longer care for them properly, have gone into care or have passed away whose families are unable or unwilling to take the animal's care on...or younger persons facing their own health care crises and are unable to provide care for their much loved senior or special needs pet.
5. difficult to manage animals already in rescue...this would include profound incontinents, uncontrolled diabetics, animals wih seizure disorders or end stage palliative disease....and the occasional little bastard biter or freak out who is difficult to manage or give medications or insulins to.
6. rescued animals whose rescues groups are refusing to take them back or are refusing to provide with any more housing/or care.
7. owner surrenders of beloved family pets for whatever thousands of reasons there happen to be.

there are always exceptions...nothing is written in stone...each case is unique. but this is how i generally prioritize how and when an animal that is asking for admission to saints and may or may not get in depending on what space we have to meet the animals needs.

i do not take in animals known to be dangerous to other animals...we are not set up for this....saints is primarily animal communal living.



this should be made into a policy or procedure. In terms of the SAINTS mandate it makes sense.