Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Feb. 18, 2011

the friday groomies are back and everyone looks pretty cute. apparently merry caused the most amount of trouble, she was determined to help herself to nicole's brown bag lunch!

laura came early to help me get sherlock out...he is feeling much better...pretty uncooperative at actually coming back in. somone is learning fake deafness...huh? i can't hear you.

the vets said i could let pops out for a short walk around in the riding ring tomorrow. i am to watch him carefully and get him right back in at the first sign of pain. and dionne tells me that czar is being mean to him...biting at his face and making pops squeal.

before anyone feels too sorry for pops and jumps on the meanie czar's case...look at it from czar's point of view. pops forever has his face shoved in the window of czar's bedroom. every time czar looks at his window...all he sees is pops' head in the way. he can't eat or sleep or pee or poop or scratch his butt without being longingly stared has got to be annoying in the extreme. czar has no privacy and he can't even look out his own window cuz there is forever a permanent head looking is telling pops to get the hell out of his window and look at something else for a change.

the whole thing sucks equally for both.

it is a very sad day for part of the hine family...eric and ang lost their very sweet cat to a sudden and deadly autoimmune disease today. big hugs to you guys gave cassie a wonderful home, and i am so sorry you lost her today.



P.S. i managed to make a very small donation for the fundraiser sorry it can't be more:( just too many vet bills, forwent xmas gifts as Skeeter means more than a fugly santa sweater.;)


Sounds like good old jealousy from Czar with your new guy.

I hope the fundraiser goes over 10g's for you. We will soon celebrate 5yrs with Skeeter(mosquito Mike)joining our four-legged family.

We almost lost him last year :( but he is sure a tough bugger with the diabetes. As high as our vet bills were/are that snuggle cheek to cheek with you so shows he deserves it. Thankfully our vet gives us a good discount otherwise...eeks.

So thank-you again for all that you do for these guys!


I've used to buy t-shirts and they were great. I would recommend them.

Cheryl Stef

stef and i have used cafepress for t-shirts and hats...they have some great things online...

Squealing is so common with horses....they are just trying to decide who is boss and usually does not amount to much...of the 12 horses that we have they all do their little squeals with each other....and then you will see them grooming each other after they have decided who is boss....I think you have enough room in your fields that if for some reason they do not get along will be able to ignore one another.

Now if there is a cute girl around that might be a different story but will very interesting to see who she chooses...

Pops feet are looking so much better here's hoping that he enjoys his day out tomorrow.


anyone having anything good or bad to say about just thinking about using it for some saints stuff and looking for some feedback ...


Cassie was such a sweet and loving cat and the really sad thing is just that she was so young and so loved--I know eric and ang gave her a wondeful and loving home and they will forever love and miss they're Cassie girl.

Nicole N

Czar was doing that when Pops first got there too. I think he was jealous because Gideon was totally into checking out the new kid on the block. And while Gideon would go up and nuzzle pops with his nose, Czar would then come up and nip at him. I don't think he made contact though.

Is there anything to worry about down the road when Pops is well enough to hang with his homies? Could there be issues with the Czar and Pops or is this sort of thing common?

Also, how is Gilbert? Any word on his tail? Is there anything we should know about for tomorrow? I already try to get the hay to him first because it breaks my heart watching him hobble around to get some.