Rescue Journal

there are eight big....

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2011

little mystic holes in my back yard!
bad puppy!

i counted them on my way back in from putting the barn guys to bed.

the pigs said....mmmmm...apples and bananas AND strawberries is pretty damn good.

herman bed sucks! i looked at it and he was right so i gave him some extra straw and hay.

ziggy looks phenomenol! he was groomed today...he has a nice little rotund little belly and no more crud dripping out of his nose!

gideon too looks wonderful...he still looks good from his brushing today and he has a nice rotund belly too.

i did notice today that lahanie is looking a bit while we cut back on chubby czar's food...can all barn feeders please bump up what lahanie is getting please too...lets put him up by an extra half big scoop am and pm and add in a couple of cool calories scoops too. we will see how he does and if it isn't enough we will bump it up to an extra full scoop. he is getting pretty old now too.
hot bath, meds, laundry and mp building to put to bed...then i am done for today too!



feel free to fill in the little mystic holes on your way out to see lahanie!