Rescue Journal

another quickie news thing (i am not posting much cuz i am playing around creating a book on the blurb thing that someone posted for us.)

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2011

sweet little mandy is really not doing very 18 yrs old with severe cardiac looks like she is starting the downward slide.

we had to pull one of the cassie chicks out and move her to the medical room. she has a wound on her foot and the other chickens are starting to peck at her. she doesn't seem the least upset about being in the medical her the chickens again may be a future problem tho.

laura took bobby brown, dorothy and peter home as her new saints foster cats. when she came up tonight to help me with sherlock, she said all of them are doing quite well...,.YAY!

when i am putting the barn guys to bed, i let ziggy fart around in the back yard. he likes it and it keeps him out from under my feet so i can get the feeding stuff all done. anyway..once everything was done and i was ready for him to come in..i went to the gate at the back yard and called him. that little donkey came running right away...i love little cooperative donkeys who come when they are called!

well..that's it least i hope. i think everyone is pretty ok and there is nothing too exciting going on.


Jenn Hine

yes a great happy new beginning for them all--Laura said she even got the perfect new chair for dorthy!


That's great news for Bobby, Peter and Dorothy. Not only do they get to move into a home together but I'm sure it will be a fantastic home.
Congrats to all.