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this is what daughters are for...

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2011

to amuse you guys while i am busy!

I am having so much fun making this book!!! it will be truly beautiful cuz it is filled with several hundred pictures of my most favorite beings! the main photographers are jenn, nicole, shelley and sheena but some of the thumbnails (they were not high enough resolution for more than thumbnail size pics) are from lots of different volunteers and people who sent them to me.

i have most of the photo layouts drafted in place and have started working on the text. now i don't want anyone to get too excited..i am simply doing this for my personal pleasure. this is not a book that will be a top ten bestseller (it will not be going to any publishers) is just a little (expensive) thing for me and anyone else who would like to enjoy.

i will warn you...i was trying to stop at 80 pages to keep the cost down but once i hit 82, i figured the next price leap doesn't occur until 120 so i might as well fill my boots. the total cost to produce this book will be about $59.50 each including tax and shipping and a $5.00 profit for SAINTS. it will be a hard cover 8x10 book with a dust jacket and filled with hundreds of photo's of the SAINTS.

once it is finished and i get a draft proof back to go thru..i will post the link where you can go to have a sneak peek at the book.

ok...gotta go find some more pictures!

I will try to post a pic of the front is nina...she was so beautiful....and thx laura for the title!

oh...sorry no can do..that didn't work very good!



blurp has a one week turnaround...and folks can just order diectly thru them, one book at a time too so we don't have to do anything.

Bunny Horne

Hi, Carol, have you heard of the Expresso Book Printing Machine. About a year ago I saw an article that Oscar's Book Store in Vancouver was the first location in western Canada to have purchased such a machine. It prints books in 24 hours. It's supposed to be really inexpensive and excellent for self-publishing. The books are on computer files and you request whatever # of copies of books you need - they run the file and supposedly in 24 hours you have your books. It's supposed to save from having to sit on boxes of unsold books that could become stale, outdated or become damaged while in storage. Also it allows for frequent updating and revisions to books without. I think their website is
I saved information about it because I had tossed around the concept of self-publishing. It's just another option - it allows you to print only what's actually been sold.


Carol; as I've already said to you before - You have to publish the book you're working on about SAINTS. You have a special gift for writing, and when the book is finished and we've all had a peek, we will then convince you to publish it. Others deserve to have the priviledge of experiencing SAINTS thru your writing, if not firsthand. I do miss your daily blog entries tho' -Thanks Jenn for the beautiful pictures, and narratives from the weekend. I looked at them all over again today at work - and brought more smiles.

Colleen B

look at you, Carol! Using fancy software to design photo books! I will buy for sure.