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Mystic the Palliative Baby Firework!

Jenn  ·  Feb. 23, 2011

Mystic is a 4 month old puppy. She is in renal failure. She was born with this disease, which is genetic for her breed due to over breeding. She will enjoy whatever time she has left here, at SAINTS. When the time comes she will cross the rainbow bridge feeling loved, having had a much, much too short but an exciting and happy life--like a firework. She is our little baby firework!

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Jenn, ditto what Maryk wrote, your video has brought many many tears to my eyes. Your work is excellent, it touches the heart and sometimes breaks your heart.


Oh Jenn,
You had me laughing and crying at the same time.

Laughing 'cause Mystic is such a funny bundle of puppy mischief just looking to get into something. Anything.

Crying 'cause my heart is breaking for her.

Thanks to everyone at Saints for giving Mystic the time of her life - you all are the best!

God bless,


PS - Jenn, your voice sounds just fine - keep up the great work with the videos! Wonderful choice of music, too.


What a WONDERFUL video (including the voice over - nothing wrong with your voice at all!) and a wonderful, beautiful, loving-life puppy. No one in their right mind would believe there's anything wrong with her. Looks to me like she's having the time of her all-too-short life, and regardless of how too quickly it's going to end, she'll leave this world knowing she's loved, cared-for, and valued. And she'll leave a lot of broken hearts behind, even those far, far away who will never have the opportunity to meet her!

I agree about the videos and the pictures - these just bring SAINTS to life for everyone, and are an incredible addition to the blog! Keep up all your wonderful work, and on behalf of a very small-time rescuer in South Dakota, THANK YOU for all you do!


my sentiments exactly hillevi dont know how you keep coming up with these jenn but do not stop. it brings saints to life. love carols blogs but this is like the icing on the cake. colleen b you leave big bambi alone she is a good girl lol.


Great post. Great puppy!

And I thought Jenn's voice-over was very good, including voice quality. I hope you keep it up.


mystic is an absolute bundle of total cuteness. has her new diet helped her readings, i hope? i don't envy you what's coming here, Carol. i can only pray that when her disease decides to prevail (which i gather is inevitable) that her time spent feeling like $$$hit will be mercifully brief.
re possible calendar: TDBCR used cafe press for theirs so should have any/all info you may or may not want.


haha thanks for the praise! I invested in a digital voice recorder so I can add commentary to the videos now too. I hate the way my voice sounds though. I am hoping to pin Carol down for a video blog one day. wouldn't that be fun.

Colleen B

Jenn! You keep outdoing yourself! Awesome voiceover :) And she totally bit Bambi in her fat dingo butt. Too hilarious!


What an AWESOME video! Instant smile on my face after along day at work. What a wonderful, happy puppy having the time of his life! Please give him a hug for me and throw the ball a few extra times.