Rescue Journal

a blip in the night (blips happen pretty regularly at night heartbeats)

Carol  ·  Feb. 25, 2011

" got off the get back on!"

yap. yap....yap.yap...

yap.yap...yap.yap....hmmmm...sounds kind of...distant.

"where ARE you? why do you sound so far away?"

i de-velcro all of the very comfortable dogs who are glued to every inch of me and pull back the blankets to expose us all to the very cold night air. i put on my mismatched slippers (cuz mystic has lost one of each pair) and walk over to turn on the light while trying to trace the muffled yap.yap..yap. yap.

"oh...there you are...." she apparently took a mis-step when getting off my dresser (mini's are not supposed to be on dressers) and landed between the blanket box and the wall.


"yeah, yeah...ok..i will get you out you foolish thing..."i picked her up put her back on her favorite pillow and......




here is a 15% discount code that Colleen found for when your book is ready mom:


if you get me a high res picture of your cool new rubber boots..i will put soggy foot in.
brenda...that post is in but in an editted version.


Carol; I want you to put the poetic post from Dec.11, 2010 in the book: It starts "I cannot remember a time when .... I looked back and found it, and reread it, and it still is one of the most beautifully honestly wtitten posts you have ever written. Please include it.


I wholeheartedly agree! And boy, do I understand mismatched slippers!