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i just finished writing clyde's story for the book...

Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2011

wow..that brought back to me all of the love and the sorrow. he was such a good little dog, i miss him tonight.

this book is some kind of journey...i so rarely revisit the past for extended periods. but i want it to be so special for them that i have to make myself go back to their time. jenn said today that i am doing this book for myself but am willing to share. and this is true. but i am mostly doing it for them...all of the saints, past present and future..they deserve to be seen for the beauty inside them...they deserve to tell us that they had a life that was valued.

i have realized i will never write a real published work because i will not have the freedom to make it the way that i want. it is not just the stories and my inadequate attempts to share them. it is the photographs in this book that so captures the reality of so many of them. there is no way anything like this could ever be published non privately...there are just far too many photo's and we all want to put in even more.

my goal is to have it done and the first copy printed by the pub night at the end of march. not sure if i can do it, but i will give it a good shot. i do have to chuckle tho...this may well be the most expensive small book ever printed..oh well, most of us at saints still want to buy one.

sorry, i haven't been blogging much...but i think the book will be so much more better to show how wonderful these guys really are.



barbara, once the book is finished and we figure out costs and will post info on purchasing, cost, shipping...

Barbara DeMott

I would love to buy a copy of your book. How do I do that?


Clyde was a complex dog. I remember his time in the Shelter. He was so scared but would let no one near him. I was so glad when you found a place for him there, he literally had no place to go. Carol when you're done I would really like to buy a book.

Carol Ann

I am going nowhere. just finished shoveling some areas but now i have to wait for my snow plow guy Larry so I can get out of driveway. I had good intentions. Mother nature has her own ideas today.

Carol Ann

Brenda if you tried to call and its busy it's cause this stupid computer is downloading stuff all the time and we are on dial up so can't use phone ugh

Carol Ann

OK if Dionne and I can dig our way out I will be there this morning (sunday) to do as much as i can in the house.


Sorry, I'm not going to be able to make it today :( Once this snow/ice let's up this week I can come out and catch up with baths etc...


Yes, I will absolutely buy a copy of your book Carol. Looking forward to it. You have so many special memories of SAINTS to share. Thank you for your unconditional love and sacrifice for those who are lucky enough to end up in your care. I still feel badly about not coming tomorrow - still freezing rain and snow here!