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planning the week out

Carol  ·  Feb. 28, 2011

Sherlock had his neuter and his xrays today...the pelvis is not fractured but it is twisted. They can't straighten it because the vertabra they would need to screw into is the one that is fractured. So the bad news is...he might end up with a bit of an off gait..but the good news the area that is a problem is a non movable joint so he shouldn't develop any arthritis in his pelvis from this injury either. the vet said another 4 weeks of rest and then re-xray again..his vertabrae has not healed very much in the past 4 weeks so he needs the added time to help it heal.


the real issue is...sherlock is becoming an intermittent parapalegic by choice. this means he will trot around fine out in the yard but absolutely refuses to move in and out to anywhere, unless he is carried.
"i am sorry but i get carried in and out."
sigh...this is the trouble with youngsters..they draw their own conclusions from past experience about how things are supposed to be done.

tonight i am worrying about the book. i have a tendency to slip into shimmery suckiness. it is a fine line between thoughful feelings and outright gagging sugar overload. i need an editor...but here is the catch...i need an editor here. the program is set up so it will only run on my computer..i can't save it and send it off elsewhere.

oh who do i know who comes out to saints???
oh! i know!!!...shelley? you are not some airy fairy flowery suck and you have the media experience and will say exactly what you think too...are you planning a visit to saints anytime soon?

i sprained my middle finger today...mystic slipped out the door and was bombing around the yard with sherlock (who sure as heck wasn't parapalegic right then!). i grabbed her to stop her before sherl;ock hurt himself.... but i hurt my finger in he rescue process...thank god it is not one of my two typing fingers!

i de-junked the kitchen and the laundry room today..yay for holidays!
tomorrow angus goes in for his bloodwork and will stay overnight for his neuter on wednesday and i am de-junking my bedroom..

on wednesday shaw cable is coming out to do another story on saints.
so thursday is get my income tax together, and i have not decided about friday yet but then that is it...back to work and i am done my one week holiday.

OMG..i started using capital letters in the beginning of this post...shit this book is going to ruin me and break all my small case letter posting habits!


Linda de J.

I do apologize if my comment was offensive. I guess someone once called me an "airy, fairy, suck" out on the schoolyard playground back when I was in grade 6, and it struck a chord with me..and then maybe I just had too much wine with my vegan dinner. Sorry!

If the above commented was directed in judgement of you, Carol, the question about Tucker was not. I have not doubt that Tucker and all the animals at Saints are in the best of hands. Anyway, thank you for answering it.

As only a one day volunteer on weekends at Saints, I am, of course, not familiar with all the ins and outs of what happens there and trust your reasoning. Still, as someone who has a tendencies toward obsessive worry, Tucker has been my latest focus and I needed to ask.


oops sorry shelley, today or tomorrow would have been fine but since today is almost over...tomorrow is still ok too.

i am so sorry for your loss christine..a 17 year friend is heartbreaking to lose.

i was describing myself as the flowery suck linda...not so is mostly true.

as to tucker...he has a very high prey drive...he has tried to get at the goats, he has tried to take out the chickens and he has tried to take out frodo too. the dog is dangerous around other animals..whether he can see them or not makes no difference to him...if he can hear them and/or smell them...he is determined to get them and not in a very nice way either. prey driven animals are dangerous....tucker is lucky he doesn't have eyes. it is the only reason i am allowing him to continue to be here with as much freedom as he does have..if he was a seeing dog with his level of prey drive... he would be gone.

he will stay in that segregated area (which is significantly bigger and more comfortable then a kennel) until his adoption into an appropriate home (he does get out for walks several times a day mon-fri and he is allowed to be loose in the mp room with dusty and lucky if myself, renee or ryan are in the room....he is NOT to be loose without one of the three of us in the room, he has gotten into it with dusty so one of us has to be with him at all times.). his anxiety has actually greatly decreased since there is no longer a chicken in the medical room...chickens close by drove him nutz.

i do understand that it is difficult to know and understand all the ins and outs around here with the animals care plans unless here every day but there are good reasons behind is much easier for us NOT to have a dog confined.

Linda de J.

".. some airy fairy flowery suck"? A bit harsh, don't you think, Carol? Hope you're not describing someone else who comes out to Saints as such or is that just me protesting "too much".

Tucker has been coming to mind a lot for me lately. I usually pass him on my way to clean the Medical room and Bunny stalls either Sat. or Sunday. He is such a good and gentle dog but the last time I saw him (Sunday before last ), he seemed a bit more anxious.

I know his is confined within a very small space behind that gate in the MP room to keep him safe, but I am concerned he his not getting enough exercise for a dog with so much energy and fear pent up energy will change his temperament. What are your thoughts on that?

What will happen with Tucker? How are his eyes now? Is he still in pain or everything healed? Has anyone come forward to adopt him?



I have been reading your blog for a little over a month now,ever since i lost my little guy of 17 years.The loss was great but this site seems to help me in my recovery and i have been voting dilgently.You are a wonderful person(s) giving your love to all these little ones.I hope you put all that love into your book.Thats the book i would like to Larry reminds me of my Miki.I hope he is doing well.


Morning Carol - I have one of those dog straps/slings that I thought you might like to have so people don't hurt their backs when lifting dogs. Also some dog meds. Tramadol, metacam and some wee stuff called Propalin. Not sure if anyone is on that for bladder issues. Cat meds I have include transdermal Fentanyl which would be really helpful I know. I was coming out last Sunday but then we had all that snow!

Francesca Wilson

Carol, Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow (Wednesday). We have missed it, Marie has been in New Zealand with family. Anyways be there around 10:15 am.
Take care


Strangely, yes I am coming out... tomorrow or Wednesday. Any day better for you?