Rescue Journal

power outages suck.

Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2011

shaw was here today...really nice folks. they will let me know when it airs but don't get excited it will only be a couple of minutes long.
shelley came out and had a quick look at the book...she had really great suggestions and is going to be our editor..(i just have to cut and paste and send the text to her) plus she is able to fix some of the photo's to lighten them up a bit too...YAY shelley...a huge saints thank you!! (and can you please send me your email cuz i can't find it anywhere.)

the power was out for several hours which was a total was coming and we had no electricity, including water..i am SO far behind on the laundry now.
marie and francesca were out volunteering in the barn...thank you guys, sorry i didn't get to see much of you..but gussy looked great in her matching yellow jacket!

ok..gotta go cut and paste some stuff for shelley and get back to the book writing grindstone..