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i just want to explain something here....

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2011

jenn (because she is my daughter and feels safe yanking my chain...) pointed out that i could slow down, be more outgoing and social and chat with folks more. maybe i could...but i probably won't. when there are 130 animals running around, a dozen volunteers, plus folks coming thru on the tours head is pretty full of a lot of stuff going on. when i walk into point B, i am still processing what was happening in point A and thinking about what i still have to remember to do in point C. people should not take my distraction personally.

but i also want to say..that the folks who do well here and come back over and over again..year after year......are the ones who get what they need from caring for the animals...not from me. and what they also have to realize is....there is no elite social club happening here either. none of us socialize outside of saints (unless we are hungry and grabbing a quick lunch)..we not only do not have the time, but we don't have the inclination either. our relationships are built and maintained because of saints, pretty much everything we talk about only has to do with saints.

it is not that i don't want to talk to folks, but i talk best when i have the time to actually just do some mindless task.

here is a perfect example...i like dawn a lot. we arranged last weekend to meet at 11 am and discuss her new adoption coordinator role. sunday was a snow day...we were short handed...dawn showed up at 11 am and she came to the barn and picked up a shovel and talked to me about adoptions while we filled the stalls with clean shavings.

i just don't want people to start imagining that i don't like them because i don't stop to chat..i multi-task here...chatting and goofing around comes while i am mindlessly working...not when i am thinking of a bunch of other stuff, like giving the right dose of insulin to the diabetics or watching how gilbert is moving, or pondering about noelle's sudden need to kick gwen's bossy ass.

so i am putting this out there since jenn pointed it out...don't take my distractions mind is just busy (or somedays in a total fog.) i know some better than others and over time i will slowly get to know everyone more. and if i sound abrupt when someone asks me something, it is because i am imparting a quick answer to a problem and did not think to take the time to make it sound soft.

there are many ways that i could be a better and nicer person but most of the time i am just too wrapped up in everything happening here all at once, all of the time. everyone else comes and goes from here...but pretty much 24/7 this is where my mind please don't take me personally, i am just trying to get thru each day without going totally insane.



i have been there for 4 years now and at first i thought this woman really does not like me very much, of course i came when she had a broken ankle she was totally not able to do anything herself, but i thought i really like this place love the animals so what if she does not like me and in the 4 years i realize who and what carol is all about and totally admire her for what she stands for and cares about. the volunteers all get along very well and have a great time sometimes carol does have a little bit of time to talk and those are really good times. she does have so much on her plate, that the idle chatter is not going to happen. i totally get that , and the feelings i had 4 years ago were because she did not have time to stop and talk. my problem not hers it is just such a great place to be. and yes jenn you are the social one who makes sure everything runs smoothly and you do such a great job. your mom is luchy to have you for her daughter.


Erin, my sentiments exactly! I'm just catching up on reading the blog - work has been nutz- and I wanted to say to Jenn that I love the picture of Larry and Squirt, and the picture of Popeye lying down from Saturday. Sorry I couldn't make it last Sunday - I'm planning on this Sunday, but Hope got over 2.5 feet of snow last weekend, and it was ridiculous! It's March already - enough!!!


i see saints kinda like my job, i have coworkers, a schedule and duties. and carol you are kinda like my boss. you dont have to like me, you just have to trust me to do my job. you do, and thats why i keep coming back. that, and the pay is worth so much more than colorful paper!


And you tell Jenn that THAT is delegated to HER, because that is what SHE does well(BIG GRIN)!!! (Not to mention pix) And I think Dawn sounds like a keeper and I am so glad you have been blessed with so many keepers(including and especially Jenn)
You see it's all about delegating!


I already told you this - but I would have just talked to you and watched you shovel whatever it is that you shovel into the stalls. LOL


Aww thanks Carol, I like you alot too! I would never want to stop for me, I will just follow you until I get the answers I need and then leave you alone to go about whatever it was you were doing before I showed up.

I have already dealt with a few enquires about some of our animals and I will forward you a very promising email about Henny Penny, Ginger and Camile.


Bunny Horne

It's amazing how you can get through the day at all. I sit all day at a desk with fingers on a keyboard, eyes on a montior and phone at my face. My business is direct and to the point, both myself and the individual on the end of the line have important work to do and no time for banter. I used to have a friend (note "used to") who would freak out because he felt I got off the phone too quickly. To him I was being rude and curt - which was not the case at all. I'm a busy chick and didn't have and don't have time for "no you hang up. no, you hang up. no, you hang up." Every call was the same BS - a hysterical call back bitching that I was rude. I ultimately hung up for good.
Carol, you are who you are and that's why we adore you.