Rescue Journal

i just have 5 more things to write and then the first draft is done.

Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2011

yikes! it was a long writing day!

quick updates...

since edwina is pretending to be brooding on an empty nest, floyd has taken to accosting the chickens. that little bastard better knock it off or i will stick him in a cage for a few days.

angus did well with his surgeries, he had a minor lump removal, his entropian eyes fixed and his neuter. he did not come home. our vet fell for his very sweet charms and took him home to foster for awhile. way to work it angus!

sherlock is doing well, as are mystic, ziggy and pops. lucky is holding her own but that diarrhea is just waiting for her to get the wrong treat so it can explode some more.

yesterday i did a group home tour and the clients seemed to like it here. and i think that is pretty much all of the news. i better put the mp building to bed and do up the diabetics.

just a heads up for tomorrow...i am working all weekend and mo won't be here on saturday as she is working too.
i will see ya all at lunch time so have a good day!



I've been getting the timed out message all day too. Just tried retyping the name lower case (usually I just vote for the shelter address it remembered from last time) and it still wouldn't work.


I've been getting the Timed Out message since 8:30 this morning. Still haven't been able to vote today.


Sharon, I didn't have any trouble voting this morning. Try typing s.a.i.n.t.s (small letters with no period after the last s) Good luck!


I should be ok to come Sunday (tomorrow). We still have lots of snow here, but the roads are much better. Looking forward to it!


Is anyone else having trouble voting in the Shelter Challenge today? I keep getting the 'your session has timed out' message. Tried refreshing and starting again from scratch and retyping S.A.I.N.T.S. but no luck.