Rescue Journal

grhhhh...i am frustrated tonight.

Carol  ·  Mar. 6, 2011

i am almost finished the first draft on the book...just ellie, stripe, frodo amd mystic left to write. i went back and re-read some of the other just is not good enough! the photo's are so great but the text is blah.


it pisses me off!


Bunny Horne

Carol, I just sent you a photo of the sign for Floyd's new home. Check it out. I think Brent has done a great job.


puck is old...but not sure how old...sorry i forgot to answer you. re: the little birds. adoptive homes have to give them as good or a better environment then saints so they cannot go back to living in cages,...they would not like that at all. now that they have flight aviaries, they like them a lot!


Hi Dawn,

Yes Puck is the own that is on his own. we have one tour on sat and one on sun at 11am sharp: info Here:

I do not know how old puck is sorry.


Voting on the Shelter Challenge seems to be ok now - We're stilll in 2nd place. Outlook seems to be working again. I just voted.

Nicole N

Have any of you heard of the Bissell MVP photo contest... you can enter your pets photo into a contest and people vote. first place is $10,000 towards your favorite charity. I`ve been entering photos and talking about SAINTS on it. Obviously you know my who my favorite charity would be if I happened to win.

Thought I would pass it on for you guys to enter photos too and to vote.

I noticed that the winners are usually pictures of pets who are blind or have some sort of ailment. So they obviously have a soft spot for special needs. I`ve entered Tucker into this weeks voting period. It wasn`t the best picture of him that I could have taken, but it certainly tugs at your heartstrings. You can vote for him at:

You have to register to vote.


Hello Volunteers! Carol
What day do the tours happen on the weekend? and is Puck the bird on his/her own? Any other info like age from any one who cares for the birds would be helpfull.

thanks in advance!


For what it's worth, I'm really enjoying editing the text. It's great to have good writing to work with, and I think the final product is going to be excellent.

But you do need to take a break. I would suggest whipping off the final ones and then leaving it for a week. I will be happy to go over the last of the text, just email it to me.

Bunny Horne

Carol, Brent found materials to make the Redemption Island sign. Instead of the Out Wit Out Play Out Last verbiage, it will read "OUT QUACK OUT PECK OUT CAST" and he will add the Aflac duck photo instead of the Survivor crocodile.


the real problem is that i NEED it done so i can put it away, once and forever and get back to my life.


You're way too critical of yourself Carol. Yes, don't rush it,- but I'm sure the text is amazing. There is no pressure to have it done for pub night. We can all wait.


Yes, do not rush it for the pub want to be happy with the final product. Maybe change your deadline to the Open House in June.


I know you are in a "rush" to get it done but having had to work on many research papers for school, as also being a bit of a perfectionist my best advice to you is to not RUSH it--take a break from it for a week or 2 at least--do not look at it. Don't touch it and them re-read it again and start working on it again. I think it is important that you be satisfied with it--do not feel rushed by some imaginary deadline you have set for yourself. You have been wanting to do something like this for years and you have been going at it for a few weeks. Take your time and do not rush or feel stressed. You will know when it is right and when it is done. My best papers were the ones that I gave myself the time to leave alone for a bit and them come back to with fresh eyes and refreshed mind.