Rescue Journal

chilliwack spca sent me this today...

Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2011

bambi 1 when she came into their care (i never saw her like this, they had her nicely groomed before i got her so i only saw a cell phone pic one of the staff had taken.)


bambi now


she was so lucky they rescued her!!!



YEAH for Bambi/Chilliwack SPCA & SAINTS!I also wanted to say YEAH to Carol/Saints and all the supporters who voted for Cats Cradle Rescue/10K Pepsi Project, we were finalists and I know your posting the info over 2 months ago was a big help. I also took your advice you gave to Rescue4Life and followed it through the entire time: "it is the increased contacts, the new people who have found us through this contest that will add up to an even bigger and longer term “win” for our animals."
Thank you for your wisdom Carol.Also,Rescue4Life won the $25K on the very last day of voting, had been 3rd the entire time! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!So many more rescues needing help this cycle too (AARS, World Parrot Refuge, Broken Promises, etc. etc.)Sorry to hijack this post but just wanted to thank everyone.


brenda that sad thing was that she did have hair in her mouth wrapped around her teeth ... :*( but I think the Tongue Slinger Video of her really showcases her happiness here!


Wow! It's hard to believe that matted mass is our "Bambi walrus"- It's a wonder her tongue wasn't matted as well. She really is quite a lovely dog - a bit homely, but her looks have grown on me, and her temperament makes up for her looks anyway. Thank you Carol for taking her and letting us see her true Bambi spirit.