Rescue Journal

bad day three...

Carol  ·  Mar. 10, 2011

gee big surprize...i got caught driving and talking on the cell phone...$165 fine.
i am not complaining...i deserved it...but...i also think he should have confiscated my offending cell phone too!

shelley and i worked on the book most of this afternoon.
this evening i am working thru a couple of mountains of laundry.
that's it, short post..i am broke, unhappy and in a cracked nutshell.



Do you have a blue tooth headset? If not, I can pick one up at Costco for you.


Oh no! Speakerphone has become my best friend lol... oh by the way do you think I can grab some more insulin this Sunday Carol? Starting to run low again :)


that sucks , sorry you have had 3 crappy days in a row. Hopefully tomorrow will be better-- think of teh Annie song ... except think of the "sun" as metaphorical because it is gonna rain straight through the weekend.