Rescue Journal

i booked an appointment to take mandy in for euthanization today.

Carol  ·  Mar. 11, 2011

renee and i took her in but we did not euthanize...we are going to try increasing her cardiac meds and see how she does. she is not in any real crises....she is just weary. at almost 18 yrs old with a really bad heart, she has a right to her weariness but i would rather she return to perky.


thx for the reminder on the time change brenda...someone please change all of the clocks tomorrow while i am at work or i will forget again by bedtime and sunday i will be late for work!

i am still in a bad is hormonal and i am on day 4 of a pms 52, it just pisses me off.

and it doesn't help that i do not have a single pair of slippers left. gawd damn puppies, i am reduced to wandering around after my nice bath in putrid green, sweating and stinky rubber shoes.

mystic was groomed today, most of the burnt marshmellow look is gone. she was a very good girl and she liked it there and she is beautiful right now. sadly....tomorrow she will get filthy again..puffy white puppies are hard to keep clean.

new dog in...she is a neglect surrender. her name is annie..i am calling her raggety annie. she is very cute in a raggety sort of way. i had to shave her butt tho...she had a very large and soft BM and it made a horrible mess. annie thinks i am least her butt is clean!

welcome to saints annie where clean butts are next to godly butts. and if you ask me...saints are pretty close to gods...unless they are slipper thieves, then they are just sometimes bad dogs.