Rescue Journal

saints sunday

Carol  ·  Mar. 12, 2011

the last of the book pages went to shelley tonight for editing. i am busy making the suggested changes on the ones she has already finished and getting them into the book.
all i can say is getting there. man! am i good at biting off more than i can chew??!!!

mandy is a bit better tonight. doris has a terrible ear infection that luckily jenn found today. we cleaned up her ear and started her on meds so she should feel a bit better already and really good in a couple of days.

yoshi is so freaking cute..he just comes flying at bedtime for his sing-song "yoshi-man!" bedtime call to dinner. i picked up more flagyl for lucky's horrible diarrhea so hopefully that will be under control again soon too.
angus is home for an overnight...he has visitors coming to see him tomorrow!
raggety annie is doing just fine.
mo called me tonight about gilbert, she is worried about him..he seemed ok when i took him his dinner but he did not get up so i will check him over really well tomorrow when i come home for lunch.

ok...i better get the rest of the edits entered into the book and then call it a night.



Im heading out to Chilliwack to check out the potential home for the chickens.

Still looking for info on Shane and Missy, any would be appreciated.