Rescue Journal

the thing about rescue is...

Carol  ·  Mar. 13, 2011

you better be prepared to make hard decisions..and probably unpopular decisions at times too.

i am pulling floyd out tomorrow and putting him in a cage. he is tormenting everyone in his coop and that is not fair. the bottom fence needs to be a priority for brent next weekend because it is a safety issue for the small dogs. so floyd is going to be stuck in a cage for a few weeks until we can get around to predator proofing a new pen for him.

the other thing i am doing which is really too this week i will be closing off the back outside cat run so the back cats won't be able to use it for now. it is once again beyond disgusting, the staff don't get to it, the volunteers don't get to it and i don't get to it either. it is no one's fault...we just don't have time or bodies to scoop and poop it often enough. if we can't keep it relatively decently clean for them then they will have to do without.

the final thing i am doing is permanently moving gilbert into the little goat pen..he is a mess. whatever is going on with that brain damaged goat..he needs better care. he needs to be groomed regularly and he needs to be permanently confined in a drier area so we can manage his weight, his feet and his general care better. i will get the vets out to see him this week but once we get him moved into the goat pen, he is to stay there until his feet clear up, the rainy spring season is done and he is more mobile. i also want edith to stay in there for now, she is too old and frail for the general population.

it is all fine and good to take in all these animals but we better make sure we are able to handle all of their care needs. that means making sure the chickens are safe and not stressed, the cats can walk on clean ground and the mentally challenged goat gets proper care.

i am also pondering some unhappy changes for the bed buddies..i am tired of mountains of laundry from my daily changed kingsized is really starting to bug me. we can't keep up with the laundry so something has got to change...the bed buddies might be a big part of that change.

sigh..if i am not careful, it could all start falling apart. i am not doing my job very well..i have let a few too many things slide and i damn well better pull up my socks and get back on top of things again.

it sucks to be in rescue some days for everybody. but if i can work it out, the sucking can be changed into not so sucking so much every day.

and i hate this god damn constant raining weather too by the way!!!!!



I know I am just a meager commenter but Carol I DO believe you should claim your bed as your OWN. You deserve a good nights sleep with no distractions.

I have two precious beasts. One sleeps with me and the other does not. Why? For the simple reason that my lover boy snores like MAD and I get a shitty sleep whenever he joins us.

I now put him to bed lovingly in my office on his special chair and cover him with his special blanket. And thank gawd he is not in my bed keeping me up all night.. Even with earplugs and a pillow on my head I can hear him and correct him with a SHHHH! several times a night.

Just seemed to work for us that he spend the night in his special chair with lots of love and petting at bed time and morning time. I am a busy woman, I need my sleep and thinking you could use even more quality sleep.

Make your bed your own, as you do your bathroom (most times ;) Get a good sleep in and you will be so much more rested and able to handle your day. You do so much for so many. Surely a bed and bath of your own is not too much to ask? I think NOT!!

You and the critters will be so better off with a well rested Carol :)

(Thinking what kind of wimp am I too let ONE snoring dog upset my sleep when Carol is sleeping with so many?! But yeah, decided my sleep is IMPORTANT when it means having the strength to handle my 3 kids, two dogs and MY daily life.)

Sleep is GOOD and I hope you decide to get some soon with the new (I hope!) sleeping arrangement Carol. Give it a try??

Bunny Horne

Carol, Brent and I will be there bright and early on Saturday to start on the fence. We don't have any time restrictions as long as we can be back to PoCo by 5 pm for dinner hour and UFC fights. So we can stay for sure till just past 4 pm.
Brent thinks we can get the fence done and work on Floyd's new pen. Remember that we are back on Sunday for regular chores.

I would love to groom Edith and Gilbert either Saturday or Sunday so if they can hang out till then. We have a good Tim Bit raport with one another.

If there's anything really specific that Brent needs to know about the fence issues just blog them, he reads your blogs numerous times a day.

Nicole N

There is nothing like a cow lick from Percy and a horse nuzzle from Popeye to make all the rain completely worth it. I had a wonderful time hanging with the field homies this weekend, rain and all.


We do need spring to get here and this rain to stop. This weather gets everyone, people and animals, down.

Carol, I have my dad's gas-powered pressure washer here at my house. I think it would do a wonderful job of cleaning up the outside cat area and anywhere else that needed a good power wash once the weather clears up.