Rescue Journal

quick updates before i go to work this afternoon.

Carol  ·  Mar. 14, 2011

we will be moving floyd tomorrow. he will be going into the big pen in the shop so he can have his swimming pool. he should be fine in there for a few weeks..maybe lonely but he will have lots of room plus he can still swim.

Bad duck

it looks like the three smoke inhalation chicks have a great home. dawn did the home check this week and she said she wants to go live there with the chickens! they will be moving later this week.


it also looks like...reggie has a great home! he will go out on a trial on thursday with a wonderful other pets, no kids...just a really calm, gentle and stable home of his own!

What? did you say a home for me?

Yeah, I'm kidda a big deal!

i will probably be moving tucker into the office once reggie is gone...then we should be able to let the cassia chick loose in the bunny room since she will not be returning to the chicken house or at least not for awhile...i do have some big switch arounds coming for the chicken areas once the the fire chicks are gone and may try to reintroduce her to helga and jerome down the road.


suzie and chica had their vet appointment. chica is booked for another big dental on thursday (her last one was three years ago when she came in.) suzie is staying in for a bit..they want a stool spec on her so she will stay until they can collect one, hopefully today.


the vets are coming to see pops and gilbert today,,,probably tthis afternoon.

there are three new incoming headed our way over the next few is an old partially blind BC cross who is coming in on thursday, then there is a partially blind peke cross coming the beginning of april (i forget her name) and finally a beat up old unneutered abandoned bush cat from up north is coming to saints in the next little bit too.

and i think that is all of the current news.



Awww Yay Reggie! I'm so happy for him! And the chicks too! This made my day

Bunny Horne

Carol, I was thinking whilest sitting in the parking lot at Costco at 4 am - with this never ending rain should we look at putting a tarp over the small pen where Gilbert and Edith will be living?


that is great news for reggie and henny penny, camila and Ginger! great work Dawn.


good for reggie and for al. lol. hope it works out. good for the chicks too. was hoping tucker would have had some calls after your shaw thing on tv. what will be will be i suppose. the office would not be a bad place for him.

Carol Ann

Good for Reggie--hope it works out for him. Looking forward to meeting the new ones too. and a happy ending for the chicks yeah !