Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2011

soooo...chica went into maple ridge today for her abcessed teeth removal. mac got dropped off at our mission vet for his bloodwork, testing and neuter.
blue is pretty much freaking dementedly insane..but he is funny in his craziness so that is ok. big bambi the dingo bat who is almost as crazy as blue, seems to like him a lot. they are trying to play together in some kind of weird, trigger-happy, "i will kill you if you do the wrong thing" kind of way. blue is going to make life interesting around here...nothing like living on the edge...he reminds me of the crazy cattle dogs, kodi and max.
he is a total piss-a-holic..i think it is because with his coloring..he actually looks like his pants are falling down (he has these funny half falling down black pantaloons.) maybe he just metaphorically keeps them down so he can pee whenever he wants.

katie is not doing well today. the vet suggests i come out and see her again today. i will go out after i get reggie on the road to his new home (around noon.) but i did tell him that if at any point he feels she has hit the end of the hope road, he has my permission to let her go.
the sad thing about this is while they are getting her bloodsugars and her ketoacidosis under it is her pancreatitis that is seriously threatening her life. three heavy strikes against her may just be too much.

the pound sent me her microchip information, katie is only 12 years old.