Rescue Journal

shit! i am going to be late for work...

Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2011

but i will get there, as soon as my back loosens up enough that i can put on my socks! the bed buddies had me wedged pretty tightly last night..i think i forgot to wake up and adjust my position...this sucks for my back.

oh well...i am sitting here stretching a bit at a time...i am getting there slowly but surely.

jenn posted some new pics on facebook...she has all of the new guys,,,mac, sebastion and blue. and she has some great and fierce action shots of bambi 1 playing with mystic...too funny! my favorite is the one of mystic with her giant happy smile!

sherlock is an idiot...he ripped out a bunch of foam from his yoga mat bed..i can't bend over to clean it up and it bugs me no end.

ahhh yes...the advil is working..i can feel the spasm letting go a little bit now..ha ha...just a couple of more minutes and i will be good to go.

my deep thought for the day is....never let stiff and sore backs win...once i give in to it, it goes power hungry and wants to take over my life....i let my feet have the real power...i get further along with them!



here is the link for the Facebook Page:!/pages/SAINTS-rescue/117789878243948

You can see the photos there and I wil try to do a Picture post here this week.

Ago want to say, yay we have over 1000 likes (members) on our facebook page :)

Francesca Wilson

Marie and I will be at SAINTS this Wednesday (March 23)as usual around 10:15-10:30 am.
Thank you.