Rescue Journal

the possiblities here are endless...and one possiblity is totally freaking me out.

Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2011

i have debated talking about what is totally freaking me out for the past 24 hours. and part of me thinks i should keep my big mouth shut. the other part agreed to share the good and the bad..and that means not hiding somethings away because you would rather folks not always really know what it means to live a real life of rescue.

but geez...can i sacrifice the reality truth of something i KNOW is going to happen soon so folks will think a little more highly of me?

apparently not.

(but jenn who is now reading this is going to really wish i shouldn't read the blog honey...and neither should you angela dear!)

so i have a big potential problem. and the roots of this problem are several fold. first it is being busy and tired and not always paying attention to what is right in front of my nose. second it is leaving for work while it is still dark and not actually being able to see really well. the third issue is actually living in a busy animal sanctuary with people coming and going without even a shred of personal privacy. and finally the fourth side of this terrible caring for a palliative puppy who joyfully gets into things.

so..i am currently in panty panic after catching mystic running around the yard with my underwear.

think about would you like to have a bunch of people possibly see your panties strewn across your yard? it would be beyond horribly embarassing.

it hasn't actually happened.... YET!... cuz i caught that insane little beast flying around with my underwear and got them back. but what if i hadn't seen her? what if she had dropped a few pairs out there without me knowing and then it got dark? i would have left for work in the morning totally and innocently unaware that my panties which were safely in the laundry basket, were now publically decorating the yard.

go ahead and laugh...but this is really worrying me cuz i know one day i will miss what she has been up to and get caught with my panties down on the ground.

i am already sick with pending embarassment and it hasn't even actually happened yet!

i think should just go and shoot myself now.



we could have a "panty drive for mystic" everybody donates an undergarment (and a dollar!) then who cares whos underwears is on the lawn, there all mystics!


Been there, done that! I live on a very busy main road through town. We regularly have people walking by the house. Nothing like coming home to find your now-crotchless panties laying in the yard for everyone to see! Makes me wonder how many times people have walked by wondering what it was the dogs were messing with. And, yep, bras, too. 52 foster dogs in the past several years, and more than one of them has decided that my clothes don't belong in the laundry, they belong on the lawn!

Thank you so much for the laughter that made me cry! I needed a good belly laugh today since after a week of beautiful spring weather, it's SNOWING in South Dakota!

Ann C

Thanks for the laughs everyone and Carol if the worst happens & we arrive one weekend to a panty strewn yard, we promise not to tell anyone (yeh right!!)lol


I used to dog sit a neighbors Golden Retriever. Every time I entered the house, she would proudly present me with a pair of underwear belonging to the teen-aged boys living in the house! I would deposit them on the kitchen table for the owners, while trying not to think to hard about if they were clean or dirty.....


haha Lynne but what if she did that and then chewy decided to pull down her pants ... now that would be worse! ACK

Angela H

Well you can't tell me not to read something and then expect me to actually not read it! Too funny, sounds like mystic is having a lot of fun!!

Barbara T

Okay, now that I have gotten up from rolling on the floor laughing and one of my dogs is licking the tears from my cheeks, way to go Mystic.

Carol, this puppy has decided you are just taking things way to seriously and just wants to lighten your life in Rescue. Enjoy!

Bunny Horne

Carol, I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but sadly your panties are not the first that have been exposed to the public. Just ask one adorable young lady that lovingly grooms the horses and has taught many of us how to groom.... Seems a couple of weeks back, Chewy hazed her by pulling her track pants down to her knees exposing her panties. Yes, it was Chewy not Mystic. Did you notice that this past Sunday all of the barn buddies were gathered around her while she groomed just waiting to catch her off guard. I ensure my panties are duct taped to my body before starting my shift.


ha, ha, ha. panties on the lawn. This may be over-simplifying the problem, but can't you just be really sure they go from the dryer to the drawer, drawer to the body, body to the washing machine?

When I was a kid, our Samoyed came home with a humungusly large bra that she must have grabbed from a clothesline. We had our suspicions as to who owned it, but how do you ask? Hmmmm