Rescue Journal

every dog has a hook...

Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2011

that one thing that turns on their light and makes their world shine bright.
the trick is figuring out what it is.

with pixie, it used to be my voice..that sing song high pitched calling of "pixie-pop...."
she would instantly wake up and get all excited because her very good friend was suddenly here.

but today we discovered something that shines even brighter for pixie....and it is something ridiculously simple.


i have never seen such carryings on, such happy abandon, such focused interest in obtaining this tiny dog's most heart felt desire.


any toast happening around here is going to be my personal toast so pixie will continue to love me (and my toast) best.

she is a funny (and hungry) tiny girl....and i am still her very best friend!

"I love toast the most"