Rescue Journal

and the continuing saga of red something dixie!

Carol  ·  Mar. 30, 2011

wow...what a stressful roller coaster ride. i got a call from the stable..they hadn't heard from the hauler by 9 pm...dixie had to be out of there by 1 pm tomorrow at the latest. i called the answer and left a message and then called the boarding place to see if they had heard anything....nope. i am at work without any phone numbers after 9 pm at night trying to set up a back up hauler on very short notice just in case.

anyway..i did finally hear back and everything is good to go. dixie will be picked up by 10:30 and should be at her new stable within an hour or so.

then i got a call from julie at J&M acres...and she was just catching up on her emails and found the original panicked one that said this horse was going to be dead by tomorrow. the only contact number she had was one of our volunteers (and who would that be??? julie didn't know her name but said she was very nice.) who had recommended to her friend originally when this saga began to contact a bunch of different rescue people (saints and J&M included.) so julie found out that we were involved and gave me a call tonight. (sorry cheryl, i should have listened to you in the first place and called julie first thing!)

the long and the short of it is...she won't have room for a little bit but has two going out really soon. we are committed to the boarding stable for a bit anyway so luckily that is all good. we will take care of dixie for the short term (maybe a month or so) and julie will take her on and find her a home once the spring/summer pastures are ready.

and i won't have to be forever responsible for a seven year old horse which is WAYYYY too young for here.

julie mentioned as an aside...she has an ancient, on her last legs, cushings pony who would really like to come to saints.

ahhh the ins and outs of horse rescue are far too stressful for me!



Hoping all goes well with the hauling today. Also my phone has been screwing up lately & now I have misplaced it.. so if anyone has called or texted I am not ignoring you..just having phone issues