Rescue Journal

and the world just keeps spinning 'round!

Carol  ·  Mar. 31, 2011

i dropped marvin off at the vets for his big dental surgery today. that poor cat has had it so tough...soon buddy it will all be much better.

jelly had the hugest, most disgusting diarrhea in the world this morning..just as i was rushing out the door with marvin. cleaning that mess up made me late.

i stopped at the other vets and picked up a script and dropped it off at the pharmacy for filling.

a couple of calls to the spca and back..and three new incoming today. minnie is a 14 aussie cross with bad teeth, a heart murmur and full of mammary tumours...she is very upset and stressed. and two elderly guy and a younger one with a bad is the chronic gingivitis that is hitting so many of the cats we are taking in recently.

ok..i wrote the above part this for the updated current.

nicole and meghann drove me around today...mission to maple ridge to mission to chilliwack and back to mission again...i got to nap in nicole's car between things!

the cats are here...garfield is in the medical room in a pen...harry is in the back cat room cage in the house. NICE CATS!!!! i will get them in for testing and vet checks sometime in the next week.

minnie is here...she is a shep/aussie x with a crazy, white old lady face....NICE DOG!

and dixie is settled..i am just going back there with another coat for her (and some apples)...the three we took this morning were all too small....she is very skinny. the vet has seen her and said with a couple of months of good groceries, she should be good again. she is a VERY SWEET AND GENTLE CALM HORSE!!! nicole or meghann has some pictures so maybe they will post them.

big bambi will be going to try living with missy in her foster home on the weekend....bambi quite liked her and wanted to play so i think it will be a good match!

i will write more about the new guys later...for now i have to deliver dixie's coat and if i am not too tired, unload the feed when i get home.



yeah for big bambi. be a good girl. i will miss you abut am very happy for you. hope it all works out. still trying to figure out who missy is.good lord am i stupid.


I've emailed them to you, Carol - just let me know if they need to be in a different format!


meg has the pictures. she'll upload them to photobucket then send you the links to add the photos to the blog.