Rescue Journal

quickie updates...(i am writing another book! this one is just a short little cheapo paperback of one journey with one saint)

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2011

thx for the update happy to hear that marvin is on the road to recovery..i have felt so badly for him!

mo, tammy, renee and i went to see dixie. when i went to pick up some things for her, helen at the Ag store had already heard about her and donated a halter and a basic grooming kit! wow!! that was so nice and news travels fast! anyway...we gave her some apples and took her out for a walk in the arena. mo gave her a quick brush. she is a very sweet horse and i think she enjoyed the outing too! definitely perkier and more hopeful today...a full belly puts a happy spin on pretty much every day! she also had a nice big poop so i know she gots lots to eat overnight..i bet it doesn't it take long for her to fill out and look healthy again.

lahanie is not good. we had the vets out again today. dionne said he had trouble getting out of his stall this morning and by noon he was laying down in the riding ring in the pouring rain. the vet thinks there is a bunch of stuff going on...something big that is making him weak plus he thinks it is his foot that is really hurting him today. could be an abcess inside the hoof that just can't be seen...could be a broken bone somewhere in there too...(he kicked the board out in his stall again last night (these are REALLY thick boards!) so he could have broken a bone in his foot.) the vet gave him a pain injection and we are to soak his foot..if he is not better tomorrow, they will come back and xray his foot. he is quite dangerous right now..he is wobbly to start with (he is VERY OLD) and now can't weight bear on one of his back feet. everyone use extreme caution around him so he doesn't fall on somebody and crush them.

mo is to call first thing in the morning to update the vets...right now it is wait and see but it is very worrying.

crosby the turkey came out of her house today..i think she picked a shitty day to venture forth cuz it was pissing down rain.
all of the new guys are good...keep an eye on the new minnie..she jumped blue today...she is a bit trigger happy but that should settle out soon enough.
new minnie can go out to the barn if she wants...tyke can go for the runs but watch him and then put him back in the house...i don't quite trust him...he is not the brightest little fart.



not grooming again til we shave in 2 then it should be under control (i hope!) but you can still visit them! i asked the vet if he had them so bad because he is sick and his immune system must be whacked right now. he said it shouldn't make any difference. hard to see how affected gideon and pops are because they are white...but czar looks is just lahanie who really seems to have a problem so i think his immune system is way down.


Poor Lahanie, I hope he pulls through whatever is going on :( Should I come up and groom the other 3? How is the lice situation?