Rescue Journal

two last new incoming...then it is break time again for a bit.

Carol  ·  Apr. 5, 2011

tina is a 12 yr old poodle who's senior owner came here today to surrender her. she has been with him since she was a puppy. his landlord gave him til friday to get rid of the dog. he doesn't have many options so tina is coming here to live. he will bring her to us on thursday.

and mr. no-name.
the little blind in one eye peke that we were expecting from LA for the past 6 weeks was adopted by her foster mom. YAY!
so they asked if this little old wrecked guy could come instead...he looks like a saint and he looks like he really needs some tender loving care too...poor thing. i think we should call him is a good, strong name.




Calvin is a great name. But, my goodness, he looks like he's barely alive. Poor guy.


carol, i'm not going to the soccer game tomorrow so I'll be driving him the whole way out.
When I talk to you tomorrow can you try really hard to remind me to bring out brochures? (I know we will probably both forget this!)


Calvin... i like the look of him. :-)i can't help it. i know he's probably very poorly, sickly, and old... he looks lovely.

when is a good time to visit SAINTs? i know there's an open day once or twice a year. i don't want to arrive and be in the way.


Oh kay ... pretty soon there is gonna be nowhere for you to sleep eh? luckily the frodo have moved out of trailer maybe he will rend to you haha


Ooh Calvin looks in rough shape. Poor guy...but lucky to become a SAINT.