Rescue Journal

the dogs got royally ripped off tonight.

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2011

once it all settles down here after the barn guys are in bed and no one is walking around stimulating the dogs...i open the doggy doors and let everyone go in and out as the mood strikes until about 730 or 800. i spend a lot of time opening and closing the front door but as long as they are quiet, they can go out as often as they like.
except tonight.

i opened everything up at 6 pm and had to shut them down tight again by 630. someone stopped by to see if they could look at the dogs (i said sorry no) but all hell had already broken loose cuz the dogs knew someone was here. it took more than an hour for them to stop barking and freaking out at every gawd dam imagined possible sound (ahem...andy! tyke! squirt!, daphne!, maude! SHERLOCK!!!) and by then it was too late to let them all out again.

what i don't get is this...if people think this is public drop in shelter...why would they even consider that it might be open at 630 pm on a saturday night? and if they think this is just someone's private home..why would they drop by unannounced at 630pm on a saturday night? just doesn't make any sense any way i look at it.

anyway...the reason this is bugging me right now is....they are all peeing and pooping up a storm already when they should all be still sleeping. it is hard enough for them to be locked down for 13 hours every night..tonight we just made it a couple of hours longer...that really sucks for both them and me.

i wish we lived so far out in the boonies that not only did we not have to worry about disturbing the neighbors but we were way too far out and inconveniently placed to be popped in on at whimsical weird hours too.

i really need to put a closed sign at the bottom of the driveway so the dogs haven't a clue when someone tries wasting their quiet and free for in and out time...once it is disturbed, they can't get it back again until the next day (cuz they are stupid and reactive and excitable and take a long time to settle!)...this is when it really sucks to be homeless in a shelter...if they lived in their very own homes..this wouldn't be an issue for them, they wouldn't have the the freaking alarmists encouraging their over reactions to unexpected night time visitors and they would settle down a lot quicker.

oh the woes of living in a homeless animal shelter..and a ton of barking dogs bugging the neighbors in the peaceful hours of the evening is the very biggest and worrisome woe there is!



yay rae!...we need 56 boxes to get us thru this upcoming flea season...your 5 will knock a few hundred off that total bill!


hi brent and bunny..thx! i would really like an info. sign!!..but i will show you where next weekend so you can see the size and write out what we want on it for you too.


Hi, Carol, if you would like Brent to make a sign with your "visitor hours" etc let us know. He can bring it with him next Sunday.


Carol, I have 4 or 5 boxes of Revolution that I will be sending you soon and anything else I can find ;)

Brent Lovell

If you want a sign made with visitor hours info or something along those lines just let me know, I'll bring it next Sunday.


yknow, we could string a chain with a closed sign on it across the driveway....


Hey Carol, Could you pass on to Mo and KO that I won't be back up today(Sun). The beast of a cold I have been fighting took over last night. Thinking of you all and Lahanie.