Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 14, 2011

cassita (the classy chick recovering in the shop) is fully recovered and ready to join the other chickens again. i will wait til dusk tomorrow night and then put her in the coop with helga, jerome, casia, edwina, and dim-tim. hopefully it works out well and everybody gets along. if these battery hens keep the pecking at each other up... slowly... one at a time, they are all going to end up back together with all of our other guys.

we have some significant (and not very good ) changes going on with some of the dogs....quite a few look like they are heading for the end of the road.

jesse looks like he is losing weight and is falling over again. he is eating well but we are going to re-start the gravol and surolan.

molly's tumor is growing even bigger and it is bugging her now.

prudence after almost 3 years of cancer free has a new large mammary tumor that is bleeding plus she has hard nodules (probably malignant) on and under her jaw. she will be vet checked on saturday...i am not expecting good news.

larry is not mobilizing very much in the past week or so. he has developed a bed sore on his elbow...we are lifting him and turning him now and making him get up to his feet..but i think larry's time is ending. i will try to get him into the vets early next week for some bloodwork but i think his profound arthritis is the problem here.

i am looking at helping maude to pass in the next week or so. she is totally out to lunch now and she is so very vulnerable..i think it is close to time to let her go.

i am pretty sure that we will be euthanizing prince this weekend. he too is sliding past frail into emaciation and yet he is still eating not too bad. he just finished off a full small can of merricks but sometimes he vomits at night too when he does eat a full can. bottom line is..the cardiac the meds are not picking him up any more. i thought he was dead this morning but he was just in a really dead sleep...he woke up when i picked him up so that was good but it scared me first thing.

mandy however is doing much better with her recent cardiac med adjustment...she is back to toddling around here looking for food whenever she can.

marvin is doing ok...but it does not look like he ate this morning and he did not eat for me tonight. if he doesn't eat by tomorrow, i will give the vet a call. but he does look alert, comfortable and bright.

i have a couple of cute stories about pixie and peanut butter pirate cookies and our most beloved mud-pup but after listing all the not doing so wells, i don't feel like cutesy stories.


Carol Ann

Oh geez this is really upsetting news tonight. They have had a good life at SAINTS and been loved by all of us. It is never easy-- big hugs to you Carol. The place won't be the same with so many loved ones gone. :(


i forgot to mention to you that i shaved a bit of bambi(the tongue bambi) today. as her slobbery tongue was making her neck damp and a little icky.
and remind renee to give larry his pain meds half hour before she does his wound cleaning.


Carol; I'm afraid to ask now - how is Chica? He wouldn't eat anything on Sunday, even the yummy canned food. It looks like we're going to have a deluge of losses soon; very sad. They're all so uniquely special and have been so happy at SAINTS. I did notice that Mandy was doing better on the weekend - nice to see that.


oh crap they are all such sweet sweet dogs i am so sorry carol big hugs to you. they all had such a good life at saints. what a shitty decision but you ;will do what you have to do, you always do. i hav e a surprise for you on sat. might make you feel a little bit better. see you then.