Rescue Journal

oh yay..i am bendable again.

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2011

i slept in the back cat room on the couch for an hour..they liked that and i was sleepy from the drugs so i didn't care that they were all velcro'd to me. when i woke up...poof..i could move! they say cats rarely get arthritis...their purring does something to their bones...i think it stimulates something or other. well..their purring on me did something to my bones too! i need to nap back there more often.
hah kitty back therapy. thx guys!



im pretty sure you mean the red couch, but it amuses me to think it was actually the thomas the train bed....ha!


Just read the the future please call me if you find yourself in the same situation in the morning. I can be up there in 20 minutes and deal with whatever you need.
Also, if you need help with Larry today give me a call at home or on my cell: 604-760-2564