Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2011

oh and maybe take the caps button off too.

i was finally able to move larry about 0830 this morning by going down on my knees and slowly and gently pulling him and the fleece he was on..back up on to the dog pillow. this really bothers me..larry because of his severe and profound arthritis..can suddenly no longer move himself. and there is me his caregiver right at his side but because of her attack of back spasms from her own arthritis..cannot move herself..or him.

i asked renee when was the last time she saw him get up and move on his own....not this week...and i am afraid the same answer is coming from me...i haven't seen larry move on his own since last weekend. we have been helping him get up when we see him struggling to he isn't even struggling to try. he is just laying there stiff as a board waiting for help to arrive.

not good. the animals and i have a partnership..they do what they can...and i help with the rest. except.... for a couple of hours this morning..i couldn't help one of them.

larry is pretty healthy...except all of his bones and joints have fused and he can no longer make himself move. maude too is pretty healthy except her brain has been burned away to just ashes doesn't feel really safe and secure inside her head any more when she can't figure out even the simplest how did her leg get into the bucket, and how does she now get it out?

there reaches a point when they become just too vulnerable...and i think the day has come for both of them now. i made an appointment for larry at the end of the day..i am hoping i can move better by then and actually get him and me into the car and drive to the clinic. i am pretty sure i know what the vet is going to is time to let larry go.

i will deal with maude early next week...prince and prudence need to be seen priority first on saturday.

there are a bunch of heavy losses heading our way...their spirits are willing but the their minds and bodies are all starting to give out on them...this truly, truly sucks.


colleen b

As in you might let Larry go today? Oh boy. If not, can you please let us know?


Poor Larry such a sweet dog. This is going to be a rough month I actually really love that snaggle tooth anime monster--Prudence. She just comes alive whenever there is food around and she really is the official pillow queen. For Maudie it is definately her time, she had a home with you Mom and a really fun and great end to her long long life. Prince came here at the very end of his life to rest and that is what he got. This will be hard next few weeks.