Rescue Journal

still whining

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2011

apparently it is sleeping in that bed buddy bed which is detrimental to my back health....the spasms are back but not as bad...sigh...with advil alone, i should be mobile again in about an hour. this would be the hidden beauty of arthritic is always worse upon rising and gets better as you move and progress thru the day. unfortunately tho it makes every first thing in the morning freaking painful.

yay for cheryl and steph!!! dixie will be arriving here around mid-morning!!!! i will meet them to load her up and then follow her back here.

jenn spent the night last night..we had a destined to fail movie night. mystic ate the remote so jenn had to pick up a new one and then the rented disc was faulty so it was a no-go anyway.

shit..the dogs say jenn is up and on her way over here...i can't clean up the mess yet..i need another half hour or so. i think it is pretty sad when some of these freaking animals are in far better shape then i am. they should by rights be looking after me...where is the fairness in this?