Rescue Journal

the passing of our little prince.

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2011

it was such a busy day today from first thing this morning with dixie's arrival to the last visitors leaving at 430 and then barn bedtime too. there is so much that gets packed into a day here that it is easy to just bunch everything together...but somethings, like the end of a life, need to stand alone.

when prince came up from california..he was totally destroyed. that little ancient body of his was wrecked in every way. but prince had a strength inside that so very frail little body, he had the will to live. i just cannot imagine him running as a stray on the streets of did he possibly survive? and given how very sick he did he make it out of a high kill shelter alive?

but prince did, because of the caring shelter staff, because of ace of hearts rescue in LA, and because of saints in mission bc..prince got to live for a little while longer with a healthier heart, in a kinder place. it wasn't his heart that gave out on him this week, the vet said his heart sounded pretty good...this time it was his kidneys that gave way. the diuretics he needed so badly to keep the fluid out of his lungs, was an eventual death sentence to his ancient kidneys.

i can sit here and wonder about what is the point of saving a little and elderly sick dog from 3000 miles away and bringing him here to die several months later anyway. but i am not wondering about it at all. prince spent the last months of his life either curled up on my bed or on a comfy bed in front of the fire. we held him while he ate to make sure he had enough and his belly never felt empty again. i remember how much he gorged on the dry food when he first came in...he ate til he puked for the first few days. here he had the best of the canned food..merricks was his most favorite of all. he had the medications he needed to be able to breathe and feel comfortable. he had a warm body who loved him dearly to curl up against almost every night and he had the care and compassion of our staff and volunteers during every day. this was the last part of his very long life. the little prince did not die on the streets of LA. his frail little body was not laid to rest in some overflowing dead shelter bin. he died thoughtfully, carefully, lovingly because today was the day that he himself, needed release from the burden of a very long life.

rest in peace little prince, we are so glad that you came.




Carol, your words are making me tear up. But I guess sometimes you just need a good cry. Prince and all the Saints are so blessed to wind up in such a wonderful place.


prince came up with Taz, alf, hilda, sweetie and tina fey last november


isnt that the whole point of saints? to give them the love/food/company/everything that they have been missing until its time to give them peace? he made a helluva trip here to finally find that. he came up with jenny,lola and larry last summer didnt he?

Carol Ann

awww he will be missed. So frail and shakey sometimes but still managed to have some attitude. When he first came and Carol was holding him every chance she got i didn't think he would last long but a fighter he was and he left after having a really good home at saints. Prince was the exact right name for that little guy.


he was just the strongest little guy and such a good dog. i am glad that he came here and had a fairytale ending to his life. he looked so comfortable and at peace with himself today when i saw him all curled up in his blanket today in front of a nice warm fireplace. he was happy. may your spirit fly free.


I'm so glad that I was able to hold Prince for awhile last Sunday - he looked so frail. I put Tina next to him on the bed and they curled up together afterwards. Two little poodle hearts cuddled up! His will to live reminded me of Felix, another little determined guy who beat the odds.

Colleen B

What a special little man with such a special heart. RIP little dude. You were loved.