Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 19, 2011

i did not get to bed til late last night, i got up at 6 am when the dogs all collectively awoke..and this morning i cannot stop yawning!
we had a board meeting and discuussed a ton of different things...i had to laugh...nicole came well prepared and had printed up previous blog posts to aid in the discussion about various things. hah...nicole is getting smarter than me...trapped by my very own words...too funny! was a good meeting...a couple of changes in how we do things around here..they put the first real leash on me and my part of saints responsibilities....the board will now make the decision on all new incoming. they might be a bit worried about my leash manners on this but i think they will all be surprized. sometimes even old, fiercely independent dogs get tired of always having to decide. i think this is a good change for both saints and me.

some of the other stuff was just discussing the operational framework for future things and i have already forgotten most of what was brain ceases to retain much after a certain time at thinks it has done it's full thinking day so it shuts off and tries to stay out of overtime.

shelley came yesterday and took sherlock for theraputic swimming...she has some video that she will share with us all. sherlock was pretty damn tired by the time he got home (even tho his first swim was short..only 15 minutes or so.) she said the part that blew his mind the very most was the giant burger he got from mcdonalds! she has video of this unique experience for him too.

crosby spent most of yesterday afternoon out in her yard, standing near her little pool. her previous home said she used to like to stand in little wading pools so i hiked out there to help her in cuz she didn't seem to be able to lift her feet high enough to get in. getting in was ok..but she got out before i could reach her and she planted her beak in the dirt. note to myself to find crosby a shallower foot bath that she can get in and out of on her own.

the vet was out to see pops yesterday...he is still a bit worried about pops' front right foot. so to answer suzanne's question from the other day...pops is doing ok but there is still a bit of a question mark hanging over his head as to the future.

eli is a lovely old dog...he sleeps a lot but he does get up and wander around. yesterday he figured out that the play pen was a feeding pen and he was quite determined to find a way in there to get at pixie's canned food....which included attempting to dig or bite a hole thru the mesh. anyway..he discovered this was like a food door bell cuz a bowl magically appeared immediately in front of his face. late yesterday afternoon he decided to join in the followers group...their mandate is.....trotting after carol where ever she goes. he sort of reminds me of long ago peter...except eli is quieter in getting what he wants.

at marvin's vet check we talked about his psycho refusal to get out of his god damn bed...and he has lost weight over the past three weeks...some of it post surgically expected..but most of it cuz that cat is screwed in the head. the vet gave him an appetite stimulant (one capsule works for 3 days.) and when i went in there at bedtime last night, marvin was out of his bed..perched on the chair and squawking because his dinner was 3 hours late...yay marvin! way to go!!!

when i finally did make it into the medical rrom to feed and settle all of those guys...i was quite surprized to find a late night visitor in the middle of the floor waiting with them all..princess leia the bunny had popped in for a visit...she had taken advantage of a poorly latched gate and was out and about getting to know her neighbors. luckily she was in a good mood and hadn't beaten the crap out of anyone...she is perfectly capable of terrorizing yoshi and doris. i grabbed her and put her back in her own little world..patches was happy to see her again and immediately started to groom her.

we started larry on a new med yesterday...we will see how he does. he did get himself up a couple of times yesterday...but it is not yet enough.

ok..i am awake now and i think that is most of yesterdays news.